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Morty’s (Formerly Krupins) Closes in Tenleytown

by Prince Of Petworth November 9, 2010 at 4:30 pm 13 Comments

Ugh. Last week (Nov. 2) American University’s The Eagle Online tweeted, “The Eagle has confirmed that Morty’s is closing today.” Of course I read it as Morty’s was closing soon. So I was all excited to have one last great meal there this past weekend. Damn my poor reading skills!

Morty’s was located at 4620 Wisconsin Ave NW. It was one of my favorite breakfast spots. Damn it! I’m so sad. Oh well, I’m gonna go up to Russ and Daughters in NYC soon and I’m gonna pour out some lox and herring for you Morty.

At least Loeb’s Deli has reopened downtown…

  • Anonymous

    “pour out some lox and herring for you Morty”

    hahaaaa awesome and such a gross image

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Hahaha, I should’ve said Dr. Browns celery soda…

  • Anonymous

    Shrug. This place used to be good. I got a few groupons when the had the offer recently, went back and found the food mediocre at best. Bagels were nothing to write home about, no lox available both times I went. White fish: ok. Cream cheese: inferior.

    I really don’t understand why no one can do a decent NY style deli in DC, you’d think that we had the customer base. But, every time a place like this cuts corners and serves inferior products I think it undermines anyone who really wants to do the real think. For all I know, Morty’s went down hill b/c it had to compete with some many crappy bagel places.

    • Neener

      Well we aren’t New York and the New york suppliers aren’t set up to work here so it becomes difficult to regularly get the “correct” supplies so people don’t say that this or that is inferior.

      Also, people in Washintgon, DC don’t eat like that. We are moe souther and Latin. You’d sell more $6 burritos for breakfast than you would $8 bagels with lox.

      People in NYC hardly eat like that anymore- Russ and Daughers on, what, Houston? Yes, but how many places like that in NYC closed in favor of a green tea joint?

      Food in America is becoming more Latin and less European across the board.

      • Anonymous

        and asian.

      • Rod

        I’m not southern or Latin, or Jewish for that matter, but I’d rather have bagels with lox than a burrito any day of the week.

      • Anonymous

        What, exactly, are the “correct” supplies for decent bagels? I don’t think New York or Montreal has a lock on either the supplies or the recipes. And cream cheese? Not actually made in NYC, ditto lox.

        And, seriously, last time I was there, I thought the bagel I got was worse than the bagels I can by at Whole Foods, which is pretty sad.

  • andy

    ah Krupin’s. How former AU students miss you. Now all we have are head-pounding memories from Steak & Egg.

  • Fortunately, a new deli has opened just up the road –
    The Uptown Deli 7905 Norfolk Ave; Bethesda; 301.961.5787
    I haven’t been there yet, but Thrillist had nice things to say about it:

  • joker

    This is unfortunate and suprising. Awesome breakfast and great sandwiches.

    I went in a couple times a month and the place was always packed to the rafters. Did they just decide they didn’t want to be open anymore?

  • Anonymous

    Is the new Loeb’s open at dinner time? Is it asking too much to get a decent cornedbeef & chopped liver on rye after work without having to find a ride out to the burbs?

  • Eric

    So if DC is more latin influenced, where is the best breakfast burrito in the city?

  • Dave

    Gotta say that Morty’s had the best whitefish salad in town (and I consider myself an expert on this subject). Bagel place on River road near the CC bike trail isn’t so bad…but not a real deli. Sniders in SS has a decent deli (not sit down).


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