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Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth November 1, 2010 at 3:00 pm 31 Comments

This rental is located at 1475 Euclid St. NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Central AC/Heat
Upgraded Apt.
Walk in Closet
Breakfast Bar
Resident Controlled Entry
24 Hrs. Emergency Maintanance Srv.
Covered Parking Rental
Metro Accessible”

Not really good photos here but I like the location so close to Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park. Any one familiar with this building? Does $1100 sound reasonable for a studio?

  • Coffee Cartel

    I checked this place out when I was looking to move in August 2008. Studios were about the same then if I recall correctly … heard from a friend’s sister who just mvoed out there was a bit of a roach issue. Probably nice views from upper floors though!

  • jill

    I lived at 16th and Euclid a few years ago and I always thought this particular block is sketchy at night. Poor lighting, and always a few shady-looking characters lurking around.

    That said, $1100 is a great deal for a studio anywhere, and the general area is very nice. Love the park and the beauitful architecture of the embassies on 16th.

    • Miguel

      “That said, $1100 is a great deal for a studio anywhere…”

      Ummmmm…. I would have to disagree with you. $1,100 does not sound reasonable, especially for that area (to which you referred to as “sketchy”). In Dupont perhaps.

      • Anonymous

        Hi, usual commenter who is out of touch with current DC rental prices! Good luck finding that studio in Dupont!

        • stinkymcgoo

          I rent an entire house – recently updated – a block away from The Pug/Sticky Rice for $1080. More nightlife, safer streets, further from a metro. Miguel is right.

          • Anonymous

            Wow, you got one hell of a deal. I was looking for a house to rent in that area, when I was considering a move last spring, and nothing came even remotely close. Occasionally I’d find one as cheap as $2000, but even those were tough to get. I imagine you started renting before development picked up?

          • Please

            Seriously. Considering how many people pay a lot more to rent in the suburbs that is amazing! If I were you I’d never move. :)

          • Tres

            He’s lying. If it’s too good to be true — well, this is WAY too good to be true, unless there’s some in-kind services being exchanged here.

            I mean, if I was offered a house on H Street for 1000, I’d take it and rent out two of the rooms for more than the price of rent. Then I’d buy myself a giant beer at Biergarten Haus every 1st of the month as thanks.

          • Anonymous

            I bet you got that deal back in 2003 or something. Sigh.

  • steve

    a great place if you like gang shootings

    • Anonymous

      Not for me then! I’m more of a crew-stabbing kind of guy.

  • Ghost of Your Free Time

    Overpriced studio on the shooty side of stabby park. Walking distance to the Raven! Newcomers, suckers welcome.

  • Anonymous

    tough finding a studio for under $1200 anywhere inside the beltway, except the really really bad areas. i’d say it’s a good deal if you’re willing to risk the trend of shootings in this specific area.

    • David Magee

      I rented an awesome room in a nice house in 16th street heights for 580/month.

      Anything is possible if you are patient and willing to swallow your “need to be hip”.

      • Anonymous

        room in a house does not equal a studio.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, there are a lot of options for someone that needs something cheaper than this: homeless shelters, living in mom and dad’s basement, sharing a 1-bedroom with a roommmate, living rent-free in exchange for sexual favors, etc. But unless they’re the same type of dwelling you’re comparing apples to oranges.

      • Please

        I lived in this area briefly and paid $1300/month (utilities and internet included) to share a very nice 2-bedroom with someone. I certianly wasn’t trying to be hip, but I was fleeing from a dangerous situation and just needed a place that was safe for a few months.

        This studio seems reasonably priced.

  • bad_e_bad

    There is always the Woodner! $850 per studio with Rock Creek Park views.

    I want a afternoon rental options on the Woodner ever day.

  • A.S.

    Ghost of Your Free Time Said:

    Overpriced studio on the shooty side of stabby park. Walking distance to the Raven! Newcomers, suckers welcome.

  • Miguel

    $1,100 for a studio in Dupont isn’t that far fetched.

    Have you ever been to the Hilltop House? I wouldn’t pay that much to live there. You can go across the street to the Dorchester and rent out a 1 bedroom for about the same. True story.

    • Anonymous

      It isn’t that far fetched… meaning you can get a studio for about $200 more if you play your cards right (though it will be a lot smaller).

      • Anonymous

        True, it would be smaller, but the amenities would be better and location would be well worth paying an extra $200.

        • Anonymous

          Nope. The only studio I found in Dupont/Logan for under $1,100 was 300 square feet and it was in a basement.

    • caballero

      I lived in the Dorchester for years. If you moved in now, a one-bedroom would cost you at least $1500 (perhaps more), plus utilities.

  • C Money

    There really isn’t a bad side to that park and it’s been a while since anyone has been stabbed or shot there. Everyone who knows this neighborhood knows that the sketch factor isn’t even block to block, but actually building to building. Sure it’s near 14th and Clifton, but good luck finding anything from U Street up that isn’t within a few blocks a shooting these days.

    I think it’s priced right, but then again I’m a sucker for a breakfast bar.

  • coraline

    Once again, people go way over the top in an effort to sound clever. It’s not helpful. My advise would be to take a very close look at the building. If you feel very safe and you love it, it’s probably fine. I’m not a huge fan of that area. If it were me, I’d head down Columbia toward Adams Morgan, of further up 16th. That entire area between 14th and 16th from Columbia to Euclid is hit and miss. I don’t think the price is very good at all unless it’s fully refurbished. We are talking about a studio after all.

    • jill

      Going over the job in terms of all the shooting/stabbing references, or what? I actually think the comments sum up what you say about the area being hit or miss.

  • Big Ig

    As someone who lived in this building I can give you a clear first hand description. There is more than a bit of a roach problem. The roaches might as well be roomates who always have their friends over. There is also a mouse problem. The plumbing is real bad. The toilet had real weak pressure, so you might find yourself flushing a few times before everything goes down. Just being real. When in the shower, out of the blue the cold water would go away and if you don’t know to get out of the way you get scalded. The heat and air conditioning is good, but you only get one at a time and they have set time of the year when they switch to each. That means if it is the end of April or beginning of May and you get a early heat wave or if it is late September or early October and you get an early frost you might be either roasting or chilling. The super is a very nice lady as well as the maintenance guy. I place all blame on the management company. They did a good job of updating the exterior, but they could care less about the tenants. It is obvious that they rely on the quick rising rents in D.C. and don’t care about fast turnover. They’re all about the quick buck.

    I will give a very big plug to the neighborhood. That aspect was very enjoyable. It is very convenient and close to everything. You have the metro, the mall, restaurants, Meridian Park, Adams Morgan, Mt. Pleasant, U Street, good busses, etc. all near by. The area is also very diverse, which is always a great thing. You do have to watch out at night, but that goes for anywhere.

    I guess it’s up to you to decide what you want to put more emphasis on, because if you choose this place you are most likely to have a really mediocre living space within a great location. Good luck.

  • Kris

    I dated a guy who lived in this building only a couple years ago and his rent (for a studio) was like 600 bucks a month. And the roach problem was bad. Tiny roaches everywhere. His neighbors also had roach problems and said it was all over the building. This definitely doesn’t seem like a good deal, but maybe things have changed since then?

  • Tara

    I’ve also heard that the building had roach/mouse problems, but I live down the street from there, and feel like I have to defend my neighborhood. As long as I’ve lived here there has never been a shooting on Euclid between 14th and 15th (and it’s been 3 years). There have been shootings on Fairmont, Clifton, Girard, etc, and on the other side of the 14th, but not on Euclid. All the comments about the safeness of the neighborhood puzzle me. It’s a great location as stated above, and convenient to lots of places.

  • Andrew

    Tara, it’s only safe since you arrived and began patrolling the streets.


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