Man Found Shot in 2800 block of 11th St, NW in Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth November 20, 2010 at 10:23 am 9 Comments

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From MPD:

“At approximately 0310, Third District officers were called to the area of 11th and Lamont Street for the sounds of gunshots… Once on the scene, units found an adult male suffering from one gunshot wound to the leg area in front of 2811 11th Street. He was transported to a local hospital. Anyone with information relating to this event can call 202-727-9099”

  • jcm

    Your marker is in the wrong place. It should be a few blocks north.

    • jcm

      Just realized that they found him where the marker is. He was apparently shot a few blocks north. Sorry.

    • Drew

      Actually, the MPD’s report is wrong. Everything went down on 11th between Girard and Harvard. I live a block away, and could see them marking shell casings on 11th near Girard. And the gunfire definitely did sound that close.

  • Anon

    theres some troublesome houses on 11th between Harvard and Girard.

  • Joe

    It wasn’t me.

  • Anonymous

    yeah whats up with those spots. not that you cant be young and hangout out on the front steps, but def a gangster vibe going on there.

  • JDoe

    That’s Hobart Stars territory. It’s not a gang…it’s a crew.

    • Heather

      What is the difference? This is an honest question, I have no idea…

  • Tania

    Historically there have been two big families on 11th Street that have been at war with each other since I was a kid (in the 80’s). There are now crews that seem to have taken up the beef. It’s a terrible, sad, and scary cycle.


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