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Judging Restaurants – Star & Shamrock

by Prince Of Petworth November 4, 2010 at 12:00 pm 24 Comments

I think Star & Shamrock has been open long enough for a proper judging. They are located at 1341 H Street, NE. And perhaps it is because I’m Jewish with a great, uh, er, affinity for elements of the Irish culture…but I freaking love this place. You can see their menu here. Thumbs up or down? For the fans – what’s your favorite food there?

  • Divine

    Thumbs up! I had a great time when I went. I had the latkas and something else that was greasy and delicious.

    Also, I heard no less than 3 Led Zeppelin songs while I was there. That wins me over, any day.

  • Divine

    Also, I recall they had Hardcore Cider (can’t remember if it was draft or bottle) which is my favorite kind!

  • Anonymous

    If you’re into this sort of thing, they have the Sunday Ticket for NFL games. I just wish they had a few more TVs, and that they were better positioned.

  • Love the concept, but had the latkes and they were pretty awful. Big bummer. Moreover, the atmosphere, I thought, would be a lot more interesting / less generic given the fun the concept. I’ll stick with Granville Moore’s and the Pug for my H Street eating and drinking needs, respectively …

    • Anonymous

      The head chef at Granville’s designed Star and Shamrock’s menu as a consultant.

      • Ryan

        I know Teddy’s done consulting for a number of places on H St./Capitol Hill, but I don’t think Star & Shamrock is one of them.

        That said: I like Star & Shamrock. The food’s good and the staff are all really friendly/funny/great.

  • Trinidader

    Another great place to have in the neighborhood. The sandwiches are enormous and really good, especially the “Chicken and the Cow”. I still wish they had proper pint glasses but I usually drink whiskey when I am there so it doesn’t matter. This also a great (and maybe only) option on H for a middle of the day drink when I am working from home.

  • Darth Fabulous

    Thumbs down. First of all, a yellow star as your symbol? Did you not do any research on that? Second, this place is just plain gimmicky – its just a step shy of Applebees. For example, they put cheese on everything. Forgetting that this place is supposed to be Jewish inspired and hence putting cheese on all of your meat dishes is just plain dumb – like at Applebees the cheese is used to mask the lack of flavor in the actual food. The drinks are good, but as is typical for a place like this, they just want to liquor you up so that when your food comes you’re too drunk to care about the quality. I really wanted to like this place, but it’s half-assed at best and offensive at worst.

    • Rod

      I don’t think they’re trying to be some sort of ultra-orthodox-kosher super-Jewish deli. Maybe you should pray for them.

    • Weird…

      Ive had a reuben at a jewish deli. I got hte impression from this experience that not all jews were kosher.


      • Sarah

        All jews are most definitely not kosher, I’d say most in the US aren’t.

        @ OP It obviously wasn’t meant to be offensive, they’re just trying to represent both aspects of their heritage. I’d venture to say a fair number of jews and non-jews alike have no idea what yellow stars represent, since white armbands with blue stars were also used (and more frequently seen in photos, movies, etc.).

    • Dr Pangloss

      Don’t be ridiculous. “they put cheese on everything”? If your Orthodox, or hyper-concerned about strict Kosher requirements, have them leave it off, or order a custom sandwich. The “Chicken and Cow” is fantastic. And where else are you going to get a chopped chicken liver on rye with a decent pint in NE?

      This place is “offensive” only to uptight folks whose panties are pre-wadded.

    • Anonymous

      you seem like such an unhappy woman.

  • K St.

    The latkes and matzoh balls aren’t great, but the sandwiches are really terrific. They’ve got a large and creative beer selection. They bar tenders are always awesome and the atmosphere is great.

    I highly recommend this place.

  • MT

    Thumbs up. Good beers and Decent TVs for watching sports. I’m local and I think this is a great ‘first generation’ H street establishment.

  • Anonomi

    Big thumbs up! The sandwiches are great and beer selection is good. Great place to hit up before catching a show at R’n’R.

  • Joe

    I like it. The sandwiches are pretty good, the beer selection and whiskey selection is pretty good, and the staff is friendly.

    I’m no latke connoisseur, but I do think that I agree with the assessment that they aren’t the worlds best. However, they do make a great bar snack and I like the concept in general.

  • curmudgeon

    Bad latkes. Good sandwiches. Their reuben isn’t going to dislodge the one at Deli City from its local pinnacle; but it’s good. Wish the sandwiches came with chips or fries or some sort of side thing, esp. given their price; but that’s a minor quibble. The wait staff has been friendly & gracious every time I’ve been.

  • Sully

    Had the reuben there. Not the best. Too much cheese and dressing which made my sandwich turn to mush when I picked it up. Couldnt taste the meat nor saurkraut due to that. meh.

    • Sully

      or saurkraut.

  • Lindsay

    I work at the Star + Shamrock a few nights a week and it’s always great to see a decent review with supporting comments. As a member of the staff since we opened I’ve given tons of feedback to the owner Jay and sometimes he’s actually used some of it, which is why the bar has only gotten better since we opened. He’s always there, I would share your thoughts next time you go in for a pint of Hebrew or Guiness :)

  • I’m not exactly a regular, but I do visit there every few weeks, more frequently if a game is on that my cable isn’t carrying. I’m in love with the Clogger sandwich, and all of the staff have been great. And as Lindsay says, most of the times I’ve been in there, Jay has been as well and he’s always chatting with customers.

  • JD

    The food is great. But I can’t remember ever waiting longer for my food to arrive than I did the last time I was there. It wouldn’t have been a big deal if my server (who wasn’t busy) made some sort of acknowledgement that he understood it was taking longer than it should have. But nope. Not a word.

  • Hilloholic

    Thumbs up.

    I agree with the complaints, and I really would like something halfway healthy on the menu, just for an option when a group would like to go and one of us doesn’t want to clog his/her arteries. Usually at a Jewish deli I can at the very least get a bagel & lox platter. And yes, the latkes aren’t great. So I think there’s room for improvement.

    But it just makes me smile! And it’s not crowded, staff are nice, ambiance is comfortable. I’m glad we have it on H.


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