• Anon

    Never went to the one in DC but the one in Philly is great. Do they have live salsa on the weekends at this location?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, if anyone knows about live music, please let us know. I’m dying for a good upscale salsa club with live music!

      • I would be thrilled if they had a live salsa band for dancing.

  • DrumsGoBang

    A little expensive, but the food was very good. Really good mojitos as well. The atmosphere reminds me a little bit of the fake vegas or disney, but it actually works.

  • Shaw Parent

    timely post. I’m headed there 2nite.

  • DC_Chica

    Agree that it’s pricey, but the food and service were good. I don’t think it’s my new favorite place (in large part because of the prices), but I’ll definitely be back to try out more of the menu!

  • anan

    Wasn’t impressed at all. As expected it was more Cuban-inspired contemporary food, than Cuban food. Nueva York Strip Steak anyone? Not the best food either. In fact the best part was the Cuban bread and mango butter that they bring to the table. But my main qualm, and this happened to nearly all of my friends who went as well, is that they overbook the place. So if you have a reservation for 8pm, don’t even bother going before 8:45. Now it’s a new place so I can understand some hiccups but, having worked in the restaurant biz, I would have comped some appetizers or a round of beers after a delay like that. We weren’t offered a thing though and in fact they seemed perturbed that we weren’t pleased after waiting nearly an hour past our reservation. And on top of it you could tell the waiter was disappointed that we weren’t ordering apps and desert and running up our booze bill. Which we would have been happy to do had we been seated anywhere near our reservation but we were hurrying to make a movie. Anyway. There is my overly long and rambling and whining review for you.

  • Anonymous

    Went there this past Saturday. I’ve been to the one in AC – busy, but great service and delicious food – so I was jazzed to see a DC location. Our party of 3 waited for a little over an hour at the bar. We each had 2 great drinks and 2 tasty small plates. We should have just left after that.

    Waited for over 10 minutes before our server ever stopped by the table. He was apologetic but seem very spacey the whole time we were there. Got our food before we even got water to the table, my friend ordered soup but it took 5 minutes to flag someone down to get a spoon. We never even got a basket of this alleged delicious bread with mango butter!

    On top of the crappy service, our entrees were horrible. Bad enough that I didn’t want to finish my food (not that I was too full to finish), and I didn’t bother to take it home because I had no interest in eating it again. Way too expensive for the quality.

    Stick to the drinks and small plates at the bar. The rest is a huge disappointment.

  • Ryan

    I went to the one in Atlantic City and really liked it. Kind of pricey for what it is, but the food is good and the drinks are tasty. I’d go back. And they bring the check in a cigar box — how cool is that?

    • That Booty

      But unlike the one in Atlantic City, you probably can’t smoke “Cuban-style” cigars in this location.

  • Krssy

    I thought it was expensive, the food was not great and the drinks were too sugary. For those prices, I would expect the food to be much better. Went with a few girlfriends and we were pretty disappointed.

  • Ben

    I live 2 blocks from Cuba Libre and was SO excited when I saw it was coming in. I was also SO disappointed when we ate there 2 weeks ago.

    Their “signature” guacamole was so bland that it makes Whole Foods’ prepared guac seem “extra spicy.”

    We had the chicharonnes which were so fried beyond recognition it was like eating the soles of your shoes.

    And the shrimp was completely overcooked–we could have bounced them off the floor they were so rubbery.

    And our mojitos tasted like they had almost no liquor in them whatsoever.

    The staff was nice, but this was amongst the worst meals I’ve had in the last couple years!

  • RrR

    Drinks tasted good but I couldn’t get over the weird Disney-like decor.

  • 13thandClifton

    I was here back during the preview period. The shrimp with a quinoa-stuffed pepper was great. And our waitress was really sweet. I’m looking forward to going again.

  • Logan Girl

    I was there for a networking event. Didn’t care for the ambiance and now after reading the above, not anxious to try the food.


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