Dear PoP – Fantasy Metro Map on JJ’s Menu?

by Prince Of Petworth November 10, 2010 at 1:30 pm 27 Comments

“Dear PoP,

Have you looked closely at the Metro Map on JJ’s menu ?

Where did it come from? I’d love to have that metro.

The silver line is shown, along with pedestrian connection between Metro Center and Gallery Place, another between Farragut North and West, but how about that Blue Line? Georgetown, West End, Thomas Circle, Union Station, H Street? Someone’s dream or just way out planning?”

I’ve def. seen this map before but it is obviously mere fiction at the moment. Perhaps one day. Anyone know where it came from? What odds to you give of something like this happening and in what timeframe?

JJ’s located on 14th St, NW just south of U Street.

  • Justin

    It looks like the map created by David Alpert at Greater Greater Washington.


  • Anonymous

    Chances of it happening: 0.

  • Brian

    You DO read Greater Greater Washington don’t you PoP?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I know I should read GGW. I know I should eat more vegetables too. But it turns out I enjoy drinking budweisers and going on 16 mile walks instead. I’m not saying I’m normal. And I knew I saw the map before I just didn’t know if it was GGW or BeyondDC or someplace else but I knew somebody here would know.

      Anyway, I’m certainly glad there are smart people focusing on these issues.

      • Anon

        PoP – This reply made me laugh out loud in my office. Thanks :-)

      • Eric in Ledroit

        best post ever.

    • Ha

      Well some people consider GGW to be a bunch of raving lunatics…

      • ontarioroader

        Not all of them, just Lance.

  • andy

    I’ll admit it – I’m a JJs fan – never met a cheesesteak I didn’t like

  • skeedattle

    A Georgetown station? Ha! Cool map though.

  • KB

    Yeah, it’s from the Greater Greater Washington site. Can’t believe you didn’t know this, PoP!

    Seriously, everyone remotely interested in transit / urban development issues should all point your browsers to their site. Really well done, thought provoking stuff.

    • Anonymous

      Sure, if you like bloggers and commenters who demonize grieving funeral-goers for partially blocking a bike lane, then it’s thought-provoking stuff. I find about 75 percent of the content there to be obnoxious and divisive.

  • EPF

    What’s Longfellow Square? Never heard of it and it’s supposedly near Dupont.

    • JS

      I think it’s the area of M, Connecticut, and 18th.

      • 14th St Heights

        it is. There’s a wonderful sculpture of Longfellow in that triangle across from the Daily Grill. However, i didn’t know it was called that.

    • Tim

      It’s not actually called that (it has no name), but it’s the triangle between Connecticut, 18th and M streets. It has a statue of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow on a horse.

      The GGW folks basically didn’t know what to name that station, so they came up with that.

      • andy

        that’s quite a funny looking horse

      • the credit for that name actually belongs to mike grass, from an article in the express in 2007.

      • Anon

        I prefer “herpes triangle”

      • 14th St Heights

        He’s in a chair. And the homeless people always stash their wares up under the chair.

  • That is one of the future planned system maps. Would be so wonderful it it were like that today, but it ain’t. Regardless I still like metro.

    Of course one thing not in any future map I would like to see are express routes. Where say a express gray would pick up at Dulles, stop at just East Fall Church, Metro Center and L’Efant. Would require new tunnels to be dug around each station so the expresses could get around the non expresses.

  • Greg P.

    David “Herb” Alpert of Greater! Greater! Washington! is a regular at JJ’s Cheesesteaks, and he contributed his map as part of a barter agreement for cheesesteaks.

  • Goku

    That blue line realignment will never happen…at least not until 2085….

  • anon

    @Goku…the separated blue line could be a realtiy…potentially around 2030 unless of course enough people show a demand for it and it comes sooner

  • Goldberg

    Metro is going to shut this place down for mocking their efforts. Goodbye JJ!

  • RD

    I haven’t given this place a second try since i went there and they were out of…cheesesteaks.

  • Happy Pilgrim

    That map is a fantasy…


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