Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

There is a massive collection of police, comprising 2 paddywagons and a bunch of cop cars, including at least one detective, at 11th and fairmont. The Fairmont block between Sherman and 11th is closed off. The police won’t tell me anything, save to say “it’ll be on the news, sir.” Perhaps you can find out more?”

Another reader sends in the above photo and writes:

“My friend has the cops and media outside his house. Apparently they found a body in the alley behind the houses on Euclid, near 11th St.”

UPDATE: 4:29pm another reader writes that the victim is a “young girl”. More info as is it becomes available.

UPDATE: 5:03pm another reader updates – “a girl in her late teens, found in a super can, no other info.” There’s reason to believe they’ll be able to identify the victim.


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