• the banners might be new, but the lamp posts have been there for years.

  • I have worked in Woodridge since 2007. Shortly after I began work, a bad windstorm knocked down one of our neighborhood banners. I took it inside so it would be safe, but when I called the city, they never sent anybody out to pick it up or repair it.

    In general, I think the banners are a great idea. I’d even love to see the, for all of our historic high schools so that our neighbors and students can expand the notion of a learning community.

  • Anonymous

    More nonsense to reinforce the artificial idea that there actually is a chinatown in DC.

    • andy

      maybe we can rename it Chinablock.

    • ET

      Can’t understand why they still are going with this fiction. It is annoying and silly.

  • Jaynuze

    now with more camel toe!

  • Jessica

    The banners are usually paid for by Business Improvement Districts that work hard to brand the different areas of DC. It helps attract new tenants and keep the neighborhood alive. Unfortunately, sometimes the branding is poorly done.

  • ann onomous


  • Anonymous

    They must be new– I’ve been to Chinatown in the past week and didn’t see them.

    I’m always a fan of the banners. They’re so festive!

  • It may not be large but it has along history…

  • a long history… sorry.

    I know you grammar freaks are shaking already.

  • djdc

    Yeah, the lamp posts are not new, though many in that style are now gone. The ones on 5th St. were replaced with the usual black ones with the bulby bulb.

  • spookiness

    These were put up by the Downtown BID. I think they’re pretty nice.

  • Home202

    The ones in Trinidad say “A Garden Community.” Ha! I guess this is because of the arboretum(?) but I find them amusing when I’m walking my dogs every day past the ankle-deep litter.


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