American Ice Company’s BBQ Smoker

by Prince Of Petworth November 24, 2010 at 10:30 am 7 Comments

A quick follow up to yesterday’s post and photos of the bar and bbq joint, American Ice Company, coming to 917 V St, NW. A reader inquired whether the bbq would be from a smoker or wood fire grill. Well it’s a proper smoker – see photo above. Additionally, keep your eyes peeled for some sweet chalk art

  • styglan1

    OMG – where does one get/buy a smoker like that? It looks delish.

    • ah

      Call Joe Kennedy – He can hook you up with the barrels from Hugo Chavez.

      And while the barrels are good, are they seriously using an old oil barrel? I hope they’ve burned off all the heavy tar, because that’s not good eatin’

      • Agreed. I recall a case of a BBQ joint in Tennessee that used recovered oil barrels that stored PCBs for their smokers. Needless to say, everyone involved–cook, owner, customers–developed some form of cancer.

        • **DOLPH STRIKE**

          Every single person involved? Every single customer got cancer? ALL of them?

      • Enos

        That smoker freaks me out with the Citgo logo and it does look like an old oil barrel. I think I’ll stick with Capitol Q.

        • Irving Green


  • 3rdStreetDesign

    Really? That kind of looks like something crazy Uncle Joe would rig up in his backyard. Will that pass a health inspection? I’m feeling less excited about the BBQ now…


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