Washington, DC

Last week I shared the word that a new bus line was being launched from U St, NW to Brooklyn on Friday Oct. 22nd. Last night some local bloggers were invited to tour the bus and ask some questions. (We also got a free drink at Dodge City – mmm Alagash White…) The Knowitexpress will initially offer service once a day from Friday-Monday for $25 one way or $45 round trip. Up to five people can take bikes on the trip and wifi will be available. The bus will leave from 10th and U St, NW near Vermont Ave and as previously noted will make a stop in Manhattan (unless the whole bus wishes to skip it) and drop off at the Atlantic Ave Station in Brooklyn. You can see their FAQ sheet here.

And I’m trying not be a jerk here but we were given a tour of the bus and I really just wanted to laugh because it was a bus. It wasn’t like there were leather recliners with Icelandic oxygen circulated throughout the bus, rather it was a regular nice new clean bus similar to many buses I’ve seen. Anyway the owner and driver were super nice so I certainly wish them luck. It’ll be interesting to see if the benefit of leaving from U Street rather than downtown attracts a regular following. If anyone checks them out be sure to let us know how the trip goes.

UPDATE: This just in from Nichole, who is handling PR for the company:

“I spoke too soon!

We’ve decided to cut Manhattan altogether. People want to go to Brooklyn, so that’s what we’re going to do.

Thanks again for all the suggestions (and hipster jokes)!”


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