New Restaurant – Mintwood Place – Coming to Adams Morgan

by Prince Of Petworth October 31, 2010 at 10:10 pm 8 Comments

I’ve been curious to learn what will become of the space, that most recently was a bodega and sold frozen yogurt, at 1813 Columbia Rd, NW. It closed almost exactly a year ago in Oct. ’09. A recent alcohol application permit recently went up saying:

“Restaurant with recorded music and entertainment limited to DJ with no dancing. Seating capacity is 113. Total Occupancy load is 124. Sidewalk Café with seating for 24.”

I’ll be sure to update when more info becomes available about the restaurant.

  • Anonymous

    This building at 1811 and 1813 Columbia Road, NW (vacant below and Perry’s above) is at the intersection of Columbia Road and Biltmore Street.

    Mintwood Place is a block away.

    • Fred

      This is sure to cause confusion.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Yes but the name of the restaurant on the alcohol application is listed as Mintwood Place

  • Anonymous


    The French Restaurant Napoleon is on the corner of Columbia Road and Mintwood Place, again a block away.

  • Instead of seemingly two new restaurants / lounges opening per month in Adams Morgan, all with the same blah atmosphere, generic decor, and bad, overpriced food, why not, I don’t know, open one or two new places that are actually GOOD, and might have a shot at staying in business for more than a few months? It constantly amazes me how a neighborhood so densely packed with food and drink establishments can’t manage to create anything that would draw me away from Logan, etc. Or compare it to H Street, which at least has lots of interesting new places with creative concepts. Some of those H Street places would absolutely kill it in Adams Morgan.

    • Tres

      I’m with you. It’s lowest common denominator entrepreneurship. You really get the feeling the H Street spots are wooing us with their creativity.

      Hear that, restaurateurs? We want to be wooed. None of this “wham, bam, thank you, sir, thinking you can get by with another rehashed dull notion or two” stuff. If that’s the case, I will kindly seek crepes from another vendor.

  • Ghost of Your Free Time

    I miss Toditos.

  • New Spot

    Sayed from Perry’s is opening up Mintwood Place…Perry’s has been around for almost two decades so therefore it seems that he’s able to meet the criteria of staying open for more than two months and serving good food. I’m pretty confident that he’ll do a good job with this new location, which obviously will not be serving sushi or small Spanish plates like Perry’s does.


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