Washington, DC

You may have heard yesterday that a ruling was made in the infamous burger fumes case pitting Rogue States vs. a neighboring law firm (Steptoe & Johnson). The Blog of Legal Times (BLT, seriously, BLT) wrote:

“As of 5:30 a.m. Wednesday, Rogue States, A Burger Company will have to cease operating to comply with a D.C. Superior Court judge’s verdict in the closely watched dispute between the restaurant and its neighbor, Steptoe & Johnson.

Judge John Mott’s ruling came after a three-day trial in which several Steptoe employees testified that fumes from the restaurant’s exhaust system were causing health problems, including watery eyes, headaches and nausea.”

This and the coming arrival of a Shake Shack nearby make this a very rough year. Rogue States is/was located at 1300 Connecticut Ave, NW. But I’m curious about the bottom line, were there many fans of the burgers?


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