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I thought this was a pretty cool breakdown of commuting costs from a reader. I can’t believe how expensive metro has become. I would have been curious to see how much a commute by bus cost.

Perhaps just one more potential reason to support the addition of streetcars?

My Daily Commute by Metro:

I leave home at 8:15 AM M-F and get to work between 8:40 and 9:05 AM
Takes 35-50 minutes.
Includes a 1.1 mile bike ride to/from my house to the Fla/NY Ave Metro station.
Includes 11 metro stops.
Includes a 5 minute walk from underground Friendship Heights Metro to my desk.
I leave the office at 5:45PM M-F and get home at 6:30PM.

$3.25 fare each way with a SmartCard
Round trip = $6.50/Day
x 5 days = $32.5/Week
x 4 weeks = roughly $130.0/Month
x 12 months = $1560.0/Year.

My Daily Commute by Car:

I leave home at 8:15 AM M-F and get to work between 8:45 and 8:55 AM

Takes 30-40 minutes

Involves a 8.3 mile drive from my house to the office.

Round trip = 16.6 miles/Day
x 5 days = 83 miles/Week
x 4 weeks = 332 miles/Month
x12 months = 3,984 miles/ Year
An average car gets 17 city MPG.
332 miles/ month =19.5 gallons of gas
Average gas price in DC = $2.89/Gallon
x 5 days $14.11/ week
x 4 weeks = $56.44/Month
X 12 months = $677.28/year

To be fair, there are additional costs here besides gas. 3,984 miles per year would
require 1.3 additional oil changes, about 1/10th the life of a set of tires, 1/30th the
life of the vehicle and possibly slight increase in an insurance premium.

My Daily Commute by Bicycle
To work begins at 7:45 AM
Takes about 50-60 minutes
Involves a 7.5 mile bike ride
Requires a shower before work.
Is great for mental and physical health


2 additional tune-ups per year = $120/Year


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