Washington, DC

Photo of my former Mulberry tree with a cracked branch

“Dear PoP,

We have a large elm tree that is in need of some tlc, and wanted to see if your readers have any insights into what we should do. We got some arborists to come look at it, and most of them said that there’s nothing really wrong with it, and it just needs to have the dead and unhealthy branches trimmed. The estimate for that alone ran around 1200-1300 dollars. We think a plain old tree trimmer might be cheaper, but probably wouldn’t do as good a job and would probably just take off the clearly dead branches. So we were wondering if anyone knows, does thorough pruning help increase the health and life of the tree, or would it be fine to get a tree trimmer to come and take off the clearly dead branches. Also, does that estimate sound reasonable?”

From personal experience I know that tree maintenance is very expensive. But the shade and comfort the trees bring is worth it. Any amateur arborists care to take a crack at this one? For those who’ve had their trees trimmed – how much did it cost?


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