Pizza and Deli Options Coming (Back) to Brightwood

by Prince Of Petworth September 21, 2010 at 4:30 pm 20 Comments

I spoke with some really nice firefighters who said that they believe the Papa Johns located at 5764 Georgia Ave, NW will be opening around Oct. 1st. Though they also said that there hadn’t been much movement lately on the Washington Deli nearby, on Georgia Ave just south of Missouri, but when I peeked in the window it seemed really close to being completed.

I say coming back in the title because of course the legendary Posins Deli used to be located nearby. Pictures from the heritage trail sign and now after the jump.

  • JenDC

    I have the most wonderful childhood memories of Posin’s. Sigh.

  • briefly

    Where was Posins exactly? Wish I had lived in Brightwood before it was such a blighted welfare colony, I frankly can’t imagine it…

    Hopefully Papa Johns signals a new renaissance in the area. Ha ha.

    • saf

      Posin’s was in the building in the last picture, just south of the firehouse, 5756 Georgia.

      • briefly

        Ah, thats now the RCN warehouse eyesore… Must have been a great area back then.

    • Tena

      Most simple minded people can’t imagine such things. Brightwood wasn’t a blighted welfare colony. Try telling that to the hard working families who lived there during the Posins era and still reside there to this day.

      • briefly

        Yes, you’re right, sorry, I do live in Brightwood and many of my neighbors work. However, that particular stretch is largely ruled by drunks and violent teenagers, and the public housing nearby would meet my qualifications as a blighted welfare colony, and much of Brightwood does contain blight, especially along Georgia Ave there, most of which is Curtis Chevvy and other abandoned parcels. So, keep quibbling and best of luck to you and Brightwood, I sincerely want nothing but good things for it as I confess I see very little in that regard. And, I have no hope given our political leadership, lack of a metro stop, and much else, like the drunks and violent kids.

        • Tena

          Brightwood is in need of change, especially with some of those elements you mentioned. Unfortunately this is apparent throughout most of the city. Notable changes that have taken place: modernization of Emery Recreation Center and Brightwood school, opening of The Lofts, and Tewkesbury Condo’s, Safe Roads to School project, just to name a few.

          You will find many retired senior citizens who are homeowners living here.

          The hold up with Curtis Chevrolet stems from the fact a historical building (car barn) is located behind it that the DC Historical Society wants to preserve, and not torn down by some developers who have plans to build housing and I believe retail space.

          • briefly

            More to the point, lack of council and mayoral leadership (Bowser and Fenty) allowed negotiations over a large brick barn (nothing special about it) to scuttle financing for perhaps the most important development project on upper JoJa Ave. We missed our window on that and it will be years before another one opens.

            Like I said I don’t see much hope. Can’t wait to vote against Bowser in a couple years though, guess that’s all there is to look forward to, besides more dead kids and such. Not that I look forward to that but it does mark the passage of time in Ward 4.

            Here’s to change! And hope! And the wealthy people who get to live in the nice parts of DC! And those of us who struggle elsewhere!

  • MK

    When they decided to close I knew the hood was really dead. I used to go in Posins when I was really little and they’d always slip me a free kosher dill pickle. One time when my mother wasn’t feeling well she had them do our entire Thanksgiving dinner. She never cooked for the holidays again. Between them and the child sized hot buttered loaves you could pick up from the Wonderbread Factory, childhood was heaven.

  • Tena

    Posins was the best! After the father died and the son took over, the business went down hill quickly. They had the best fresh sliced turkey, tuna salad, coleslaw, chicken soup, hamantash, and to this day I have not found a cupcake that tasted as good as theirs.

  • Zayit

    A Sunday afternoon trip to Posin’s was both a treat and a necessity every couple of months for me and my family. It was slice of heaven for a little Jewish girl.

  • DCster

    I found it interesting also to learn (from the sign) that the church in my hood started out in Brightwood (Canaan Baptist).

  • Rusty Johnson

    It’s nice to see that the building is still there. I wonder if the old pickle barrel is still in there, too.

  • bravo on the history aspect, dan!

  • Petworthian

    Anybody know anything about the “Washington Deli Pizza” that will be opening there? I would love it to be a “So’s Your Mom” type place.

    • briefly

      My guess is its a pakistani style pizza and carryout place. The word ‘deli’ means different things in DC.

      • briefly

        Actually the deli has a web page here:


        Can’t tell if I’m right or wrong.

        • briefly

          Actually the place sounds great! Same folks that own Pumpernickles, which I think it is a rich person place 😉

    • Anonymous

      yeah, that place is great. except for their coffee. i dont understand why such a good deli has such rot breath crappy coffee. i can drink some nasty swill, but i’ve tried it twice and threw it away both times. ( i figured i’d give em that second chance.. never again)
      everytime i’m in adams morgan in the morning, i get my breakfast there.

  • Pepco just finished it’s work last week, so things should move faster now. The building had no gas, or updated electric, so it has take a long time……coming soon


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