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New Mexican Restaurant Coming to 3313 11th St, NW From Owners of Quarry House Tavern in Silver Spring

by Prince Of Petworth — September 12, 2010 at 10:10 pm 32 Comments

Thanks to all the readers who sent in word about this exciting development. We’ve been following this property closely last hearing that it might become a bakery back in May. Ed. Note: I have a very good feeling we will be hearing about a new bakery for Columbia Heights soon but more on that when deals have been signed. Many folks sent emails after they saw the liquor license application which says:

“New restaurant serving casual Mexican cuisine. Full menu with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Seating capacity of 75. Total occupancy load of 99. Summer Garden with 37 seats and Sidewalk Café with 16 seats.”

That great news on it’s own but I was able to find out a little bit more info about the folks behind the restaurant. So here it is – this space will be put together by the owner of Jackie’s in Silver Spring. However Jackie and her colleagues from Quarry House Tavern, also in Silver Spring, will be working together on this new restaurant. I hear that the food will be quality Mexican, both authentic original and also some ideas inspired from Los Angeles. I found this pretty funny since we literally just had a huge discussion about the best Mexican spots in the city. Last bit of exciting news about is that at some point they will be expanding the space to include a roof deck (knock wood, knock wood).

More on the restaurant as progress is made.

  • Anonymous

    No nude karaoke.

  • Ignacio

    I really hope this is good. QH is probably my favorite bar in the whole metro area, and their burgers are excellent, so I’m cautiously optimistic that this place will be good.

    If they have a halfway decent taco al pastor, and can make a good mole, I’ll be a fan for life.

  • The Eating Out Mothers

    I can not wait! We will all review it with babies.

  • GA

    Aarg, this is terrible news:)

  • Me

    where’s my chocolate kite shop!!

  • Sounds promising to me!

  • Matt

    Somewhat disappointed that this is a new Mexican restaurant rather than a New Mexican restaurant (there’s a difference, both are good, but I’d love the latter). 🙂

  • Jason

    I’d met the owners of Quarry House and they’re far from Hispanic/Latin. I supposed this will be cusine filtered through blue eyes and bland sauces?

    • Kev29

      Newsflash: Many popular “ethnic” restaurants are owned by people not of that ethnicity.

      • rocketnerd

        see: Taqueria Nacionale

        • Anonymous

          Taqueria Nacionale isn’t very authentic, I think it makes the point of the original poster on this topic.

    • Richard

      I know them too, and they were telling me about meeting you. They said that you’re quick to judge without knowing all the facts and that I shouldn’t worry about what you think of their Mexican restaurant, because you weren’t widely known for having good taste or magical restaurant prediction skills, anyway.

      • Jason

        Thank for this unbiased attack on my character. I was merely speaking my mind and offering a valid observation and opinion.

        Gray for Mayor.

        • Richard

          Your presumption that it will somehow be bland just because the owners are white and have blue eyes sort of invalidates a lot of comments you might make on here.

          • Anonymous

            The presumption is a good one though. Around here, white folks haven’t created good Mexican food. That’s not to say it can’t be done, it is done other places, just not here.

  • Thought

    Jason must be another Vince Gray supporter.

  • NoLongerNew2CH

    I’m just happy this space will FINALLY be occupied by something productive after years of false rumors and empty promises. Given that there are a zillion mexican / el salvadoran restaurants in the area, it does seem like an odd choice, but hopefully they will place their own unique spin to differentiate themselves. 16 seats out front sounds like a LOT for that space, and where is there going to be a summer garden? Out back I imagine? Any sense of what the time frame is for getting this up and running? The space is in rough shape and will need a lot of work, I’d think …

    • Anonymous

      theres no room in the back for a summer garden, i checked. maybe the summer garden is a roof deck?

  • StubsDC

    I really like Jackies, and their spin on American classics. Perhaps this will be just as good?

  • Neighbor

    I really like Rinconcito Deportivo across the street. I was talking to them and they said that they’ve tried to buy the property so that they could do improvements, but the owner has been holding out. It’s too bad.

    • That is a shame. But if their lease is long enough (or can be extended), improvements would still make sense. At a minimum, it wouldn’t take a ton of cash to improve the atmosphere with some improved seating, decor, and so on, a little can go a long way and I think more people with try Rinconcito if it had a bit more curb appeal.

  • Oh yeah, must be a roofdeck, I missed that comment in the original post. Sweet. I hope they include the roof deck in the intial build-out, it would be a cash cow and seems silly to do an entire build-out only to exclude that portion of the construction.

    Also very curious to hear more about the bakery. Are these the folks who wanted to go into DCUSA?

    • Anonymous

      Roofdeck. Let the 11th Street party zone continue. If I lived close enough, I’d be concerned about people on a roof deck looking into my yard/property from above.

  • Anonymous

    yaaaaay, ANOTHER mexican restaurant in CH. Can’t we get something else??

    • Eating Out Mothers

      There are plenty of other eateries in the vicinity.

    • David

      Actually, 90%+ of the restaurants in CH are Salvadoran, not Mexican. Learn the difference.

  • Shawn

    Awesome news, although my favorite place to get Mexican food right now is where I can also get Spanish food – Top Spanish restaurant which just opened Friday on Georgia Ave.

    I’m also happy about Street Tacos opening in College Park – yum

  • Shawn

    And El Golfo is the best Mexican/Salvadoran food around

    • David

      Do you mean the one in Silver Spring? I get coupons from them all the time and have wanted to try it, but frankly I have no idea where they are. I’m a bit intimidated by the fact that they’re probably not (easily) accessible by public transportation.

      Is it worth a trip? And what’s good there?

      • Shawn

        Literally everything is good there. It’s the best food ever. But specifically the CORN TAMALES, the fajitas and the combo dishes and everything else.

        You can get there via a Montgomery RideOn bus from either the Takoma Park or Silver Spring metro stations.

  • Oh great, another Mexican, Salvadoran, etc… restaurant. We don’t have enough of those. I was hoping for traditional Bulgarian. Oh well.

  • Shawn

    I’m excited about this place but Jackie’s is really expensive. I’ll wait and see


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