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Locanda Becoming Ba Bay Vietnamese Restaurant on Capitol Hill

by Prince Of Petworth — September 6, 2010 at 9:30 pm 10 Comments

Locanda Restaurant located at 633 Pennsylvania Ave, SE has always been a mystery to me. It has been closed for years (I think, definitely many many months) but it looks like it was frozen in time with the table settings still in place:

The windows have now been papered over and a liquor license has been applied for. It says:

“Vietnamese restaurant serving lunch and dinner with a seating capacity for 49 patrons and total occupancy load of 49. Requesting a sidewalk café with a seating capacity for 10 patrons.”

I’m told the new owner is a former manager from Vidalia and he plans on opening the new spot in 3-4 months. It also worth noting that this is one of the best LLC names I’ve ever heard – Culinary Kung Fu, LLC. Awesome. More info as it becomes available.

  • Ryan

    This is welcome news, provided I can get some decent pho there… That’s something that’s been sorely lacking on Capitol Hill.

  • Yay! I miss the old Vietnamese place (which is now Mi Vecindad on Penn at 12th) – very happy with this news. The old place (Pacific Cafe) was adequate – not great at all, but fine. I have higher hopes for this venture.

  • Maire

    This is good news! We are still lacking a (dedicated) sushi place on the southeast part of the hill (something actually japanese… jordans 8 does in a pinch but i would love something purely susui/japanese).. im surprised that niche hasnt been filled.

  • mappo

    That location is cursed. Restaurants go there to die.

    • ET

      I know the last 2 places there died a quick death. However, there was a long term Turkish place (I think) that was there before the decor was redone when I think the kids took over and decided that trendy was better.

      I am just glad something is moving in and I hope it lasts.

  • tangy tangerine

    Sounds great, and I hope they have vegetarian options. There’s a place out in Springfield that makes a killer tofu and broccoli pho, but it’s such a trek to get out there.

    • A

      Name please?? I still miss pho and it makes me sad.

      • tangy tangerine

        Pho Bowl in Landsdowne Shopping Center. I also love their vegetable rolls, and the owner is awesome. They are closed on Sundays, btw.

        • A


  • Sachchit

    Meyhane (the Turkish place) was great – we were really sad to see them go. We never really found Locanda that thrilling – some decent pasta dishes, but it couldn’t really compete with the other new restaurants in the neighborhood.

    I’m really looking forward to Ba Bay – hopefully I will no longer need to venture into the depths of NoVa to get my pho fix!


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