Washington, DC

Last night around 7:30pm I started getting emails like this one:

“Dear PoP,

All the residents are emptying their worldly possessions on the street. I am talking about dozens of houses…

Any idea what’s up?”

I sadly assumed it was a “normal” eviction but since I was eating dinner I decided not to investigate. Then this morning I awoke to many more emails asking the same question and I realized I made a mistake by not investigating. Anyway, I went down this morning and it is a sight like I have never seen before. And I have unfortunately seen numerous evictions around town. This one is a whole different level. First of all it is from ONE woman in ONE house. The emphasis will make sense when you see more of the photos I took.

The resident who was evicted has possessions filling up Otis St, both sides of the block between 10th and 11th. As well as 11th St towards Spring and a bit north towards Monroe as well. On both sides of the street. It really is a horrifying sight. CM Jim Graham was on the scene as were multiple police. CM Graham said that the woman has been visited by a city Social Worker last night and this morning.

At the time of my visit around 10am moving trucks had started loading up the possessions. CM Graham calls the moving company, JK Moving and Storing, his “heroes of the day”. The city was originally going to remove the possessions via city dump truck but JK Moving heard about the situation and volunteered to move the possessions for free and store them for a month at their facility in Sterling, VA near Dulles Airport. I asked the movers how many trucks they thought it would take to move the goods and they said, likely a minimum of 4-6 trucks. A very nice deed for a very sad situation.

Thanks to all who sent in tips.

All the material in the following photos originated from this house on 11th St, NW just south of Otis.

Lots more photos after the jump.

Ward 1 Council Member Jim Graham speaks to press

4-6 of these trucks from JK Moving and Storing likely needed to transport the materials.

Lots of news crews and photographers


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