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This home is located at 1239 Monroe St, NE:

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The flier says:


You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

What do you think about the home itself? I think I may have asked this once before but how much of a discount would you give if you lived next door to a firehouse? Ed. Note: I’ll show the firehouse for the 4pm ‘judging buildings post’, it is pretty sweet. Does $529,500 sound reasonable for this 5 bed/2.5 bath home?

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  1. Not a terrible deal, assuming the mechanicals check out (looks like a lot of cosmetic potential cover up has been done). Kitchen would need to be completely redone, though, and no gas for the range is a big minus in my book. Firehouse will definitely turn off some buyers. Even with the drawbacks I’m guessing it goes for around asking. I love this part of Brookland

  2. This is the same investor that is flipping houses in Mount Rainier – their work is shoddy. All they do is put on tons of white paint and polyurethane on the floors. There is a house on 29th in Mount Rainier done by the same people and that has the exact same exterior color. There is another example of their work on Shepherd St and another on 30th. Just be aware that if you buy this the renovations are mostly cosmetic.

  3. Just hope they aren’t as bad as Menkiti where they actually do potential harm to the house and create hazardous situations for the homeowners!

  4. Are you sure? Redfin has the last sale in 2005. If it were a flip, wouldn’t it have sold much more recently?

  5. @Aaron what is the name of the investor?

    The owner for this house has been 1239 Monroe llc since about 2005 or so. It was previously rented for a number of years to CUA students

    not a fan of the vinyl siding :(

  6. the exposed hot water pipes in every room, ugly carpeting upstairs, and horrible kitchen cabinetry and counters make this a no in my book as well. The house has great potential. Too bad the renovators didn’t take advantage and do a nice job.

  7. those are called radiators, not “water pipes.” (i think most would argue the second is probably a lot more fun).

    radiative heating is probably the warmest and most cost effective available. sure, i suppose they could have built enclosures around the radiators, but i think they were going for an industrial type appeal.

  8. No way. Exposed radiators are the way to go. Not sure about the gold paint though…

    Water pipes… ha!

  9. Look at the photos of the front door and the front windows. It looks like there are some sort of pipes there, painted to match the walls. I’ve never seen that before. I think that’s what he’s talking about, not the radiators.

  10. +1 There are exposed hot water/steam pipes in lots of the rooms…big turnoff. I like the radiators though.

  11. Okay, yeah I see it now. That door pic was only available through the virtual tour…

  12. I would knock off 25K for new counters and cabs.

  13. I really like it. I could live with the kitchen for a while, after replacing those awful lights. And my son would LOVE living next door to the firetrucks (though I’m not sure how much he or any of us would sleep as a result).

    I say it goes for right around asking.

  14. I wonder if the truck sirens are turned on as they come out of the station (on to Monroe) late at night? Traffic could be light enough on that street to have the flashing lights on only. Though there would probably still be a lot of noise from the station itself before a call, radios, alarms, etc.

  15. I would love to live next to a firehouse. I would imagine sirens are generally only used to clear intersections and traffic…I don’t think they would crank them up pulling out all the time.

  16. I lived next to a firestation in Chicago and they would always turn on their sirens to stop traffic to get out of the driveway, or to back into the driveway on the way home. You basically had to end any conversation you were having at the time. I will never live near a firestation again.

  17. Oh, I used to know someone who briefly lived in that house. It had been a rental-group home place, and the tenants did NOT treat it well.

  18. Very few houses in Brookland have sold recently for anything above 500K. I’ve actually seen several houses sell in the high 300’s(!!) to mid 400’s and they were in better shape than this place (e.g., nicer, newer kitchens, etc.). It’s really a buyer’s market in Brookland from what I can tell.

  19. I live in an earlier Brookland GDON. Also a foursquare, so a similar floorplan and size to this one. Ours doesn’t have the addition off the back and it is a fixer. We paid under 250k but the city is trying to tell me that we underpaid by 80k for tax purposes. The location close in on Monroe is great. That’s pretty much the best part of Brookland.

    The place down at 13th and Jackson recently went for north of 600k. It’s also a nice foursquare in an equally prime location, but it’s on a double lot with a gorgeous kitchen, immaculate landscaping, and a pimp outdoor kitchen.

    I bet it goes for just under 500.

  20. I went to an open house of this house before it was sold in 2005ish and had an interesting layout but definitely needed some updates etc. That was before the students moved in. The house really suffered in the next few years from the neglect, broken windows, trash, etc.

    one of the house neighbors told me as the last tenants were moving out they were burning furniture in the back yard.

    That being said this is a good solid house in a great location and the price is probably not to far off. When compared to other recent “cheaper” brookland sales it is really an apples to oranges comparison. Different location, and sized house. For this sized house and price the location seems right. Its a great block

    Though the updates on the house would be my question, though the core house should be solid.

    Living next to fire house is not a big deal, you will get used to the little noise and you have security with someone always being around, especially with the recent rash of burglaries in Brookland that would be an extra piece of mind.

    I also agree about the kitchen

  21. Used to be a mold problem on sun porch and basement. I would know, I lived there. Also, if you look close, there’s probably glass shards in the walls from concerts

  22. I heard there is a beautiful pond in the backyard. Is Donatello the turtle still around?


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