Washington, DC

After many false starts and teases, the day has finally arrived! Rustik Bloomingdale’s first Tavern opens up tonight at the corner of 1st and T St, NW. You can see their menu here. You can see their Web site here Rustik sends word in a newsletter:

“We are opening at last!

Starting, Friday, September 24th, at 9:00pm, Rustik Tavern will be open to the public.
This is a soft opening, therefore we apologize for any delays in service that you may encounter or random mishaps that may (and will) take place.”

Based on the buzz coming from twitter, I’d say the place is gonna be smashed crowded tonight. But that is understandable given all the anticipation. It is a great day for Bloomingdale.

And don’t forget Boundary Stone another Tavern is still slated to come to 116 Rhode Island Avenue NW. I’m hearing that they are now shooting for a February opening.

Well Bloomingdalians enjoy your beer and pizza tonight, you’ve earned it!


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