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4 People Shot Fri./Sat. Night in Petworth, 2 shot in Brightwood

by Prince Of Petworth September 19, 2010 at 10:51 am 53 Comments

Unfortunately it is easy to overlook these incidents because they weren’t widely reported (as fortunately nobody was killed) but let’s not pretend that they didn’t happen. Because the people that live on these blocks can’t pretend it didn’t happen.

From MPD 12:19 am Sat. Night/Sun. Morning (3 shot at 7th and Shepherd St, NW):

“Units received a call for the sound of gunshots in the 500 blk of Shepherd St NW. Nothing was found. A short time later, 3 shooting victims arrived at an area hospital reporting being shot in the 700 blk of Shepherd. Units are currently on the scene on Shepherd investigating. Lookout is for a dark colored SUV. Anyone with information is asked to call 1-888-919-CRIME.”

From MPD Fri. Night/Sat. Morning (1 shot at 9th and Decatur St, NW):

“On today’s date [Saturday] at approximately 4:45 am, Fourth District units received a report of shots being fired in the area of 9th and Decatur Streets, NW. A few hours later, the Fourth District received a call from an area hospital for a shooting victim. After being interviewed, it has been determined that the victim, an adult female, was shot while in the area of 9th and Decatur Streets, NW. The victim transported herself to the hospital and is currently being treated for a non life-threatening injury.”

From MPD Fri. Night/Sat. Morning (2 Shot at 1st and Kennedy St, NW):

“Shortly after 2 am on September 19, 2010, MPD Fourth District units responded for the report of sounds of gunshots in the 100 block of Kennedy Street, NW. Upon their arrival on scene they discovered an adult male suffering from a gunshot wound to the body. The male victim was transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Shortly thereafter, a second adult male victim arrived at a local hospital, also suffering from gunshot wounds. He reported that he was also in the 100 block of Kennedy Street when he was shot. The second victim’s injuries were also non-life threatening. Fourth District detectives are on the scene investigating the incident. Anyone with information is asked to call 1-888-919-CRIM[E] or 202-727-9099.”

  • Charles

    I’m a relatively new resident of DC, and am wondering where I can find those alerts from the MPD. Someone was shot outside my house on the 1300 block of North Capitol around 11:30 on Thursday, and I haven’t seen anything from the police or media since the crime scene was cleared. Thanks.

  • Quincy

    Two great sources of as-it-happens crime information are the MPD listservs (see http://mpdc.dc.gov/mpdc/cwp/view,a,1242,q,565764.asp) and the DC text alert system (https://textalert.ema.dc.gov).

    Then again, maybe you’d rather not know …

  • Resident

    Welcome to DC…!! Under Gray this will just be a very common news. Best of luck

    • Petworther

      Oh, come on and get over it. You going to sulk for four years?

    • Anonymous

      fear monger.

    • Anonymous

      it’s amazing how these kind of crimes only started once gray won the primary.

  • Tres

    Remember the Bush years? Or if you’re a GOP person — remember the currently unfolding Obama years? People sulk like they get paid to do it. Human nature.

    • Tres

      Argh. Response to Petworther.

  • Petworth Rez

    Most be those dam yuppies and gentrifiers out causing trouble…

    • Anonymous

      that would be funny had real people not been shot.

  • InformationIsPower

    What is the best way to follow-up on these kinds of incidents – to see how the investigation is going? How do we find out who was shot/if they were related/etc? Was it just somebody out walking their dog who was shot or targeted gang related hits (which I suspect it is)? Who wants to bet the SUV had Maryland plates?

    • Maire

      You can ask via the listserve but generally MPD is not going to comment on an ongoing investigation.

    • briefly

      Very hard, MPD is not allowed to provide much info to the community and US Attorneys Office is not exactly forthcoming either. Generally, we’re supposed to trust them which is a somewhat flawed policy.

      If you find out the name of anyone arrested, usually done via arrest reports or news stories, you can track their progress through DC Superior Court here:


      Note its very slow and clunky and the more cases someones had the slower it is to get info on them. Some guys have dozens. There’s also the DC Superior Court Report here:


      Lastly, someone in Columbia Heights has done much in terms of a court watch, see:


      Though I believe she lost much funding after Barry’s oral sex thing last year.

      Of course, if the perp is a juvenile you will never hear a whisper of their involvement. If you’re from out of town, you may quickly notice that DC handles law enforcement much differently than most other solvent jurisdictions, we’re generally very lenient which can take a lot of getting used to. Ex-felons are a relatively powerful constituency in DC, one sits on the Council of course, [insert Moten bit]…. I could go on but its rather pointless.

  • Charles

    Yeah, so I’m actually not interested in people attributing crimes to larger political happenings. I know crime happens, and it sucks, and that it will continue to happen no matter who is the mayor.

    Does anyone have an answer to my original question as to where I can find official word from the MPDC regarding specific criminal occurrences? That is, where did the text in the opening post come from?


      • Charles

        Excellent! This is just what I was hoping for, at least for future events. Oddly, though, the shooting on Thursday, which brought out every police cruiser in the world and the brass, isn’t mentioned anywhere that I can find, including the crimereports.com map that is supposed to get info from MPDC.

        Thanks for the link. I’m all signed up now.

        • Maire

          Crimereports.com is hit or miss and crimemap.dc.gov is not updated on the weekends and every 24 hours during the week. Weekend crimes are added on Tuesday, etc.

          The alerts are okay but the best way to get info, ask questions, and have a back-and-forth is to sign up for the yahho listserve. I recommend the digest version unless you want to get flooded.

          • ontarioroader

            Unless the crime was committed by a juvenile [a good chance], in which case you will not get any information regarding the case other than the original incident report. Thanks DYRS.

    • Anon
  • S

    I didn’t get shot last night, but some thug decided to throw a punch at me for no reason and then his crew sped off in cars and I didn’t know if I would end up a drive-by victim or not. And someone stole my bike yesterday. I f***king hate this city.

    • Ignacio

      I’m sorry about your experience. I’ve never been directly a victim of crime, but about a third of my friends living in DC have been mugged or randomly attacked by street thugs here. I absolutely understand your feelings. I myself would love nothing more than to leave DC, but the economy (and my having a good job here) makes it very hard for me to do so right now. You don’t say where you live, but assuming you’re in one of the “up & coming” neighborhoods, have you thought of moving someplace more whitebread like upper NW? Or even one of the closer-in suburbs? Places like Silver Spring/Takoma Park, Alexandria, etc. are pretty urban in feel, have a generally better housing stock, offer much of the ethnic/income diversity that makes cities interesting, and can often be substantially cheaper than DC proper. Plus, they have far better public services and a more effective police force. Just a thought…

      • PT Varnum

        Yeah, move to the burbs.

        • briefly

          Stay in your own crapulence. Think you’re benefiting, overall?

  • DL

    Amazing that some people think crime will increase with Gray. In fact, overall crime has not decreased with Fenty. In some cases, such as theft, it has gotten significantly worse. Not sure why people think Fenty was good on crime. He had almost no impact. Williams took the biggest bite out of crime in DC. Fenty has done little but shift it around to different parts of the city.

  • Mr. Pink

    Does anyone know the statistics on handgun crimes since the DC firearms bill was passed last year?

    • Anon

      They’re moot vis-a-vis the gun registration law. The only relevant data would show how many crimes were committed with firearms obtained through the process that the District put in place last year, since that’s all that changed.

      If we don’t catch people committing these gun crimes — whether they be these shootings or just everyday muggings — we can’t really know the answer. I suspect it’s a tiny number. It’s unlikely that thugs go through the difficult registration process to obtain weapons. It’s certainly possible, though.

    • Maire

      It’s public record – published to the FBI every year as part of the Uniform Crime Reports, available for you to search on crimemap.dc.gov, or by FOIA.

      Come on people, there is so much information available… use your resources….

      • ontarioroader

        I’d bet real money that not a single handgun legally registered since the ban was removed has been used in a crime. The media, MPD & the city Gov’t would have made a big deal out of it if there had been.

    • Pro-gun

      I took advantage of the new gun law and bought myself a glock. I sleep like a baby now, and have no fear when reporting crimes. If a criminal was stupid enough to get a gun legally the police would be able to trace it back to them 24 hours after they find the bullet that came from the gun.

      • Quincy

        Actually, the whole “ballistic fingerprinting” routine the cops make you go through is just so much security theater, and a pretext to make gun registrations more onerous.

        Check the Wikipedia entry: ballistic fingerprinting is all but useless to determine which gun (out of hundreds) fired a bullet.

        • Anon

          Not true, ballistics fingerprinting has been very successful liniking crimes committed with the same gun. In newer guns especially. Registered gun owners generally do not shoot people for invalid reasons, like robbery though

        • **DOLPH STRIKE**

          wait, no! this man quoted wikipedia, of course that’s 100% accurate and factual.

          (lesson: one should never cite wikipedia in support of an argument. go to the source.)

          But I learnt it on da interwebs.

  • Dux

    I think DC has an excelent police, however, they can’t fight the social decay that plague many areas in DC. About elected mayor Gray, I think he won the election, because there’s a majority in DC who feels that security, clean streets and good education are not their priorities. I think we’re going backwards, just my opinion.

    • Mistr Knucklz

      The Gray Administration:

      Chuck Brown, Chief of Police,
      Cora Masters Barry, Head of DCRA,
      Rock Newman, Deputy Mayor for Development,
      Julius Becton, Chancellor DCPS

      Not change I can believe in . . . .

  • Anonymous

    This is very disturbing and scary. Hits a little too close to home…

  • StubsDC

    We’re next to the Kennedy Street area. I was pretty groggy but I THOUGHT those were gunshots. About 10-12 in rapid fire.

  • oliveskinnednica

    unfortunately, it is events like these that continue to make me believe that now that I’m soon to be a father and start my family,it’s time to move out of this neighborhood. These events are not rare enough to put me at ease that my family will be safe. One of these shootings was 2 blocks from my house, and occurred only 30 mins after my pregnant wife and I drove by the soon to be scene of the incident. I love this city….but i also hate this city.

    • Anonymous

      did you move to your house thinking it was perfectly safe?

  • Scared

    Just fucking pathetic, that our city tolerates such gun violence on such a widespread scale in the communities of color. It’s like a freakin right of passage to shoot up the f’in hood to be a full fledged G. Ah well, they own this city, not the peace lovin’ gentries. Seriously, what the fuck Mr. Gray? What you gonna do about it? Nothin’ son. Betta get used to it. Fuck!

    • Ocho

      So its Gray’s fault that those people got shot? Just like it was Fenty’s fault when those teens got shot and killed in SE a few months ago. Anytime someone gets shot its Gray’s fault now? Get a life…

      • Anonymous

        As City Council Chair, he certainly could have done more to pass laws to make it slightly less common to have children running around the city in stolen vehicles every saturday night shooting everything that moves. As incoming Mayor he will have some oversight of DYRS which apparently is ok with putting gun toting thugs back on the street. Maybe with some new leadership directions to the police chief we can have more foot patrols in the hood so that folks like Neil don’t get so easily shot riding their bike home on a Saturday night.

        • Ocho

          You ppl and your idea that these sanctions are going to change something. You think these kids or whomever is looking up laws before they go shoot someone? The police will tell you that the vast majority of homicides in this city are retaliation. So if one punk is locked up some other punk is going to do it. Sometimes its to try to make a name for himself/herself. Sometimes its for a variety of other reasons. Homicides are going to happen in big cities. Is it right or should we accept that? Most certainly not. But to sit here and say that what Gray did as Council Chair had a big influence on this is really a reach in my eyes. And no I’m not taking up for Gray, nor did I vote for Gray but I am sick of the Gray bashing when the man hasnt even reported for duty yet.

  • Hate Gun Crime? Then Move.

    Whether the guns used in these particular cases, or the cases that happen every day in this city, were registered or not doesn’t really matter. The problem is that when MPD catches gun criminals, and they do catch many of them, the punishment meted out for gun possession is a joke. You need not look any further than the story of Gilbert Arenas to see what signals the city sends to people who illegally carry.

    If the city isn’t serious about guns, why should anyone worry about carrying? One thing leads to another, and situations that would otherwise end up in shouting matches or fisticuffs (at worse) end up with body bags.

    Phil Mendelson and his cronies on the hysterically named “Public Safety Committee” of the city council consistently oppose any common-sense reforms that would put bite into the gun laws in DC and stop a lot of this foolishness.

    But the majority of citizens of DC don’t give a rat’s ass about public safety since they sent Phil back to council again. With a Mayor Vince “Ol’ Patronage” Gray and Phil running the ship you can be sure there won’t be any laws passed that protect the public at the expense of their gun-toting, law-breaking consistency. If two hundred or so people a year have to die for them to keep their jobs they are fine with it.

    And so are we, apparently.

    What a city.

  • Pokerface

    I hope we’re not going back to being known as Dodge City instead of the District of Corrpution.

    • Hate Gun Crime? Then Move.

      Keep Hope Alive!

      ha ha ha.

  • Anonymous

    great neighborhood you keep pushing

  • Anonymous

    Had I known before I moved to Peeworth that there was such strong community sanctioned gang presence (7th-N-Taylor, Hilltop, RCC) I would have thought twice about moving in. Had I known many of the local people of color were overtly racist towards whites, I would have thought twice about moving in. Had I known that is is practically legal for children in this city to advertise their illegal crews and shoot em up ways, I would have thought twice about moving in. Now that I am here, can I just have one freakin’ weekend where PoP doesn’t have to take a break from his RnR to post about the continuing youth gun violence that apparently can’t be controlled by anyone except the crew leaders? It just sucks being constantly terrified of all the local children packing heat, when the cops know full well who many of these punks are, but we as a society are left completely in the dark to be subject to such anarchy. And no, I am not from Iowa!

    • PetworthRes

      Sorry, but does 7th-N-Taylor really exist anymore? I live right near there and know of no such thing, except that kids write this with magic marker on signs sometimes. My neighbors point out all the houses on my block that used to be drug nuisance properties that have now sold. What happened this weekend is a blast from the past. I think the last remnant of drug dealing in the whole neighborhood triangle bordered by NH Ave, Georgia Ave, and Upshur St NW is on the 700 block of Shepherd. Is there any effort going on to get the house(s) causing the problems declared drug nuisance properties? There’s a huge difference in my area since I moved to Petworth in 2005, mainly because 2 drug nuisance properties on Taylor St were sold/renovated. In 2005 the police were on my block daily and there were fights and arrests all the time as well as a lot of open drug dealing. Now it’s been very, very quiet until this past weekend.

  • Anonymous

    To the poster from 12:57…

    Let me start off by saying that I live on the 500 block of Shepherd–the same block where the shootings occurred. It’s an unfortunate and scary thing.

    That being said, your take on the Petworth community is completely misguided. Since moving here last year, I’ve had nothing but positive interactions with my neighbors, local businesses and other people in the community. (I know more of my neighbors here than I did after 5 years living in Cleveland Park!) I resent your statement that my neighbors are racists–over or otherwise. NOT ONCE have I had an issue where race was a factor.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. I’m a white guy from the burbs who moved to 6th and Lamont about a year ago.

      Never heard a gunshot, never experienced any kind of racism, never been intimidated, never had anything stolen or vandalized.

      Of course, I’m the kind of guy who relaxes on his front porch with a beer and a smoke. Not the kind of guy who rides a bike to the Yes market. Just saying… Could be a factor.

  • Petworthian

    Hope they catch ’em. Not thinking it is likely – “drove self to hospital” does that equal not calling 911? Not reporting who you think it was that shot you or why?

  • Comon Sense Please

    It’s clear to anyone with HALF A BRAIN who is committing these crimes. It is not the jogger, the mother with her kids, the dog walker, etc – no matter what color these people are. It’s the crowd of young men – dressed alike – making life miserable at the Metro, crusing around in cars, and wandering in groups with clearly no destination – that need to be frankly hassled by police to snitch on who is committing these crimes. Otherwise, what hope is there to live a civilized existence in this mes. You are not worng – It’s THAT BAD.

    • Wow

      You should be a cop, you clearly know how to catch criminals.


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