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The Insanity Continues – Shooting Inside Home Depot Mon. Morning

by Prince Of Petworth August 23, 2010 at 9:05 pm 15 Comments

Thanks to a reader for sending in the photo. The Post reported:

“An off-duty District police officer working a security detail inside a Northeast D.C. Home Depot was shot Monday, according to police and a store manager

The officer was shot in the arm, according to a manager who declined to give his name when reached by telephone at the 901 Rhode Island Ave NE store.

The manager said a suspect was in custody.”

  • Anonymous

    The Washington Post cites the officer was shot with his own gun. Crazy!

  • Anonymous

    You can do it, we can help!

  • Drake

    I still think it’s wrong for cops to hire out their badge, gun, and uniform in these “moonlighting” gigs.

    If your government job gives you certain legal powers, you shouldn’t be able to rent that authority out to the highest bidder for your own personal gain.

    • Tres

      Our city is a lot safer because private companies can hire officers for events and other kinds of security work. What do you care what an officer is doing on his day off? If you had a choice of hiring an off duty DC police officer or a $12/hour mall cop, who would you choose?

      I hope the officer is okay. It’s kind of scary that this scene played out inside a Home Depot.

      • Anonymous

        +1 Most cops earn pennies for putting their lives on the line. What, you want to take away their rights to earn a decent living?

        • Dirty

          But if they live, they have pretty healthy pensions (for now)… not to mention, they can work their first 20 yrs in DC and then move out to the burbs, work another 20 and double dip that pension all the way to the bank…

        • for what it is worth

          The starting salary for police officers is $48,716 a year. After 18 months of service, most police officers can expect to earn a base salary of approximately $53,299 a year. Lateral officers’ starting salaries range from $51,151 to a maximum of $71,971, depending on their previous experience.

          • Ragged Dog

            What is an officer’s standard work week for that salary? Is it a full 40?

            Most cops (in every city) earn hefty bonuses based on ‘detail’ work. Detail work is often supervising construction sights, or maintaining private security. It can add 50% to an officer’s salary. If the work is reasonable, there’s no reason not to have cops performing this duty as a way to supplement their income. Better a cop with a gun, than a guy with minimum training.

            However, a lot of people object to semi-mandatory ‘detail’ work foisted on their business. If the city determines that your business needs an off duty cop then you’re required to pay them the predetermined rate. It’s non-negotiable if you want to have your business open. Other people might object because it blurs the line if you have some sort of dispute between yourself and a retailer. Presumably private security is just another party in the dispute, but cops are never off duty, so their loyalties might be called into question when an incident arises and you may not be sure when your rights as a consumer are being violated vs. taking an order from a police officer.

            I think as long as the city and the police department is open and transparent about how, where and why, it’s a net benefit. Sometimes it gets a little shady, but that’s why we have reporters.

      • JohnGalt

        I think the examiner did a write up on this recently. It becomes an issue if the officers are forcing you to hire them over private contractors. In the article, MPD was essentially running a business, a profitable one at that, by forcing nightclubs to hire them.

    • Anonymous

      It’s true, there is something fundamentally wrong about policemen renting themselves out. Because all Americans are trained to love cops and firearms we are supposed to go along with it, but it is wrong. No one else can rent out the full force of the US government. It has always seemed shady to me.

  • Q-Street

    You have got to be kidding me. Hope the officer is ok.

    • 11th


  • Anonymous

    How the F are spammers getting through PoP’s captchas? I normally can’t even get through them!

  • Stoney Danza

    Those grills look mighty suspicious.

  • I was there when this happened. I didn’t see the shooting, but heard from eyewitnesses what happened. The off-duty cop caught someone shoplifting and was trying to apprehend them. He had his arm around the guy, but the guy somehow was able to break free, lunge for the cops’ gun, and shoot. The bullet grazed the cop on his arm. After that, lots of people jumped in to tackle the shooter and he was arrested.


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