Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

I live in Petworth and am currently raising money to fight breast cancer. I’m hoping you could give my blog www.dulcedelecheracing.blogspot.com a shout. We’ve all heard about the Breast Cancer Walk or Swim or Triathalon or Head Shave or Whatever. But I like to mix it up. I’ll be participating in what is quite possibly the world’s largest all female off road race in, dare I say it, the galaxy. It sure as hell isn’t yo mama’s Race for the Cure. The race will be in Barstow, CA in October. Last year we raised over $3000 and came in 3rd in our class. We race a class 5 unlimited baja bug. It’s basically a VW bug that has been tricked out to an inch of its life. There are many other classes that participate in the race, from the big monster Trophy Trucks to the little bitty stock VW bugs. Yep…I said stock.”

Sounds cool. Good luck!


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