• John

    I’d imagine that they had stiff competition from the more visible Asian fusion restaurants in the area (Mai Thai, Nooshi, Penang, that Malaysian place near Chipotle). Never went but always meant to.

  • Mike

    I was not a fan. It used to be Cafe Asia and I went all the time. Once it changed over to this place I stopped going, the sushi was not very good. It went downhill.

    I was at Science Club last week and noticed it was closed, but don’t know exactly when they shut their doors.

    • SeaTurtle

      I also noticed it was closed when I was at Science Club. I liked the food, from what I remember.

  • super_b

    I used to go there a bunch, but only because I had about $200 worth of restaurant.com certificates to use, and it was one of the only places in town worth going to (might be better now). Food was OK, and the people were nice. Nothing spectacular though.

  • Enos

    I ordered delivery from them all the time. Disappointed to see them go. No more lemon grass chicken for me.

  • Campbell

    I ordered from them too. I think I still have a restaurant.com GC. Now where will I get my roti canai???

  • went there often when i worked downtown—it was a favorite of many coworkers.

    good people worked there, hope they’re all ok.

  • carey

    I used to go there all the time 2003-2004 when I was a student at GW. They let us throw parties and be our own doorman so we could let all the underage kids in. I remember it getting packed any night that there was a party being thrown but dead the rest of the week. As far as food, I’ve tried their sushi and it was pretty good but that’s about it.

  • Anonymous

    Back in the day Singapore Bistro used to turn into an after-hours dance club, I remember they served alcohol as late/early as 5AM.

  • Adhi

    Very sad because they are closed …. I hear because the rent of building was so expensive now …. before was $ 12,000 a month and right now around $ 25,000 a month …. so they are closed about that.

  • rand

    Went to Singapore Bistro often and always enjoyed all the wide variety of menu items I ordered. Great happy hour prices and the decor was very interesting. Its closing is a huge loss to the DC dining experience. I hate to see it go.

  • rand

    I went there often and always enjoyed the wide variety of menu items available. Great food, service, happy hour and decor. One of our best Asian restaurants. A real loss to the DC dining experience. I’ll miss it. Wouldn’t be surprised if the space stays vacant for years. Seems that’s the scenario the plays out around DC time and again.

    I’ll be going to Malaysia Kopitiam now even more than before.

  • It was my favorite restaurant in DC. The service was superb (Eduard in particular) and the food was outstanding if you knew what to order. Their Balinese shrimp were the best. A great loss for this city indeed.


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