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  • SG

    Has to be out back, right?

  • tsmyk

    anyone else disappointed in Dickson? Have now been a half dozen times and still don’t have any love for the wine or the service.

    • fl

      Definitely not disappointed. The wine we were served was wonderful, as was the service (been twice – first time I don’t recall service but second time our waitress made the experience wonderful).

      Also, the food is incredible. Whatever those sandwiches are that they serve are one of my favorite things in the neighborhood. Anyone else know what I’m talking about – I think they are Vietnamese or something.

      • TaylorStreetMan

        yes! those are great sandwiches. I think you’re right: Vietnamese.

        But otherwise, I have to say I was disappointed. Way too expensive, but hey what do I want from a wine bar in DC, right?

        new hampy below mentioned the weak pour on a $12 glass of wine… but man! $12 for a GLASS of wine?! That’s just nuts. That just goes against my very nature.

        Service was great (informative, patient with our questions, fun) but everything was super slow. I doubt I’ll be back. I’ll take my $12 and buy a bottle to enjoy on my front porch! I’m cheap that way.

  • Mike

    I think they are improving. It would be great if they could expand their menu a little more, although it seems like they are trying to do that little by little. Im just glad a more upsclae place is open in the neighborhood. Anything decent is sorely lacking. Im very excited about the outside seating and Im sure it has to be either on the roof or out back, there is no space in the front

    • fl

      I agree with the sentiment, but we’re not totally without anything decent and “upscale”. 1905 is incredible IMO and is less than a block away down 9th. Also, we’ve got Vinoteca 3 blocks away at 12th and U (I think it’s 12th…might be 11th – always get them confused). The area is definitely seeing places that fit this bill trickle in.

      • Speaking of 1905, have you been there much recently? This used to be one of my favorite DC restaurants, had several great meals there soon after it opened, but the last time I went there (maybe two months back) it was AWFUL, I mean inedible food and a REALLY nasty waiter, and the time before that, just mediocre. I hope it was a temporary blip and not a permanent decline / change in chefs, because I used to REALLY love this place …

        • fl

          I have been there lately actually. Three times in the past 3 months in fact. The first was on Wednesday for their burger special (it costs like $8 or $9 or something like that on Wednesday nights) and had a great experience. Took out of town friends there for a weekend dinner and everyone was impressed with everything ordered. The most recent time was a brunch with the future in-laws and this might have been the best of all.

          The big downer here is that service is slow – not necessarily that it takes a long time to get food, but it just takes a long time to get the waitress to come over once you are ready for the check. Very European I guess, but annoying. Still, I’m willing to put up with it for the food (and very unique atmosphere to boot)

          • OK, I’ll give it another shot, as I said I used to be a big fan of both atmosphere and food, so I’m hoping I just caught it on an off week or something.

  • new hampy

    haven’t had the food but the wine and laid back, but elegant ambiance is great for grabbing a drink w/ a friend. my only complaint is that the pour is a bit weak. c’mon, for a #$12 glass of wine, throw me a bone buddy.

  • Dicks’n Wine

    That isn’t really their name, is it?

    • TaylorStreetMan

      ha ha! never thought of it that way. For once, I missed the silly gutter-pun.
      they’re right across the street from Ballzen Beer, I think.

  • NewShawNeighbor

    I worked in restaurants and hotels around the world for 12 years, and I can say without hesitation, that from my single, never-to-be-repeated experience: Pitifully poor service + snotty waiter + limited options = DICKSON’S BLOWS. I was so excited to finally try it (I live 2 blocks away), but I ended paying for the 2 of the 3 drinks that eventually made it to the table and cancelled our food order. New management please!

  • wow

    So you’ve been a waiter for 12 years? Sweet. You must be a regular Tom Sietsema.

    I’ve been a consumer for a lot longer. Does that make me more of an expert?

    • TaylorStreetMan

      not if you add his time as a bartender to his time as a consumer. trumps you, I bet.
      he knows his sh-t, is the point.

    • NewShawNeighbor

      Was a waiter for 12 years. Not now. And yes, your experience makes you an expert consumer, just as mine makes me an expert on restaurant service. Hope that answered your question.

      • NewShawNeighbor

        Rather, I should have said I was in what is known as The Food and Beverage Industry for 12 years. Dishwasher, Busboy, Bar Back, Waiter, Captain, Room Service, Banquets, Bartender. I can spin a cocktail tray on my finger, toss it in the air and catch on the same finger like a circus performer. And I did it on three continents, so I actually feel pretty secure in my professional estimation of a restaurant. I haven’t worked in that industry in decades, but some things, like polite service, are constants on the evaluation scale. Snotty waiters are tolerated because the attitude comes from the top. I repeat: New management please.

  • Nice atmosphere but won’t go back. High cost for limited pour of mediocre wine = no thanks. Room 11 has as good or better wine for cheaper, plus a cozier atmosphere and better food options. Vinoteca, Cork, and Veritas all have much better and more extensive wine selections for similar prices, and again, better food options. I feel like, among the DC wine bars, Proof (way too pricey) and Dickson’s are overpriced for what you get.

    • fl

      Maybe the price isn’t the best out there, but can you seriously say that Room 11 or any of the others beat this place for atmosphere? I guess its personal taste, but I think Dickson has one of the coolest looking spaces in DC.

      As a disclaimer: I am a fan of the place (if you couldn’t tell already)

  • I guess it’s personal. It is certainly a cool, gorgeous space, but I prefer something a little less antiseptic / warmer for a wine or beer bar (Granville Moore’s is my favorite space to drink in, for example), hence my preference for Room 11. Veritas is also a bit sleek for my tastes but something about it I still really like. I’d rate them Room 11, Cork, Veritas, Dickson, Vinoteca, Cork, in that order, for atmosphere, but that is obviously just a personal preference.

    • TaylorStreetMan

      I agree. I’ve never been a fan of the glass-and-stainless-steel-everywhere look. I much prefer warm wood to cold steel.

      It was a while back when I was there, and maybe my memory’s faulty, but that’s the impression I was left with.

  • On another food / wine note, I highly recommend Acqua Al 2 in Eastern Market. As one who is always bitching about the Italian food options in DC, I think this place gets it right — very tasty, reasonably priced pastas (cooked correctly!), great (albeit very pricey) wine list, outstanding service. Definitely check it out.

  • Beth

    I’ve never had such friendly, accommodating service in a Washington, DC bar. This is a nice place for date nights.

  • Dickson’s supposed to be a “wine bar.” Found not much of either in the place. Seriously, a wine list that small? Granted, it is a cool looking space and those sandwiches are orbiting-Mars fantastic, but a restaurant that apparently specializes in wine should at least have some of it on the premises.

  • DC Gal

    Don’t forget Veranda

  • We dined at Dickson last night! I love the place — food, atmosphere, wine, cocktails, etc. In addition to our regular favorite dishes, we tried the chilled roasted tomato soup, which was to die for.

    All to say, I love Dickson!

  • my captcha is my credit

    Nice space and reasonably good service, but I’m not going back to pay those prices for a pour that I’m not convinced crossed the 4 ounce line. The charcuterie was pretty good despite the server not knowing much about the choices, but for my money if I want cured meats I’ll be at the bar at Brasserie Beck where they at least serve alcohol.


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