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“Dear PoP,

Can you and/or your loyal readers tell me anything about the safety and quality of life in the Rosedale/Kingman Park area? This neighborhood is south of H Street/Benning Road NE and east of, say, 15th Street. It extends about six blocks to the East, ending at Oklahoma Ave, skirting the western edge of Anacostia Park.

Let me tell you a bit about myself. Having raised my kids, I am newly divorced and will be living alone with my dog. The investment value of the property I buy is extremely important to me; I make a modest living as a writer and editor and am not able to put aside a lot for savings. I hope to live at least 10 years in the house I buy. It must not go down in value, must go up at least apace of inflation, and hopefully more. Hopefully a lot more. I would be open to improving the house to achieve this goal.

But I do have to be able to live there (i.e., no shells) and feel safe. I don’t care about the color or ethnicity of my neighbors, as long as they take care of their kids and take care of their homes. I don’t need or want a huge house (too much maintenance!) but my dog and I do need green space, even a little bit, to feel at home.

That Rosedale area is attractive because of its proximity to H Street (I soooo love SoVa) and the coming light rail. It has two parks. The houses are still reasonable, allowing room for growth in property value.

BUT who lives there? What is it like at night? Much crew activity? Crew-on-crew violence counts as violence in my book. I don’t want bullet holes in my car.

I’m by myself, a single woman. Can I take my dog out in the dark if I need to? Can I ride my bike by myself?

Don’t be afraid to be brutally frank. Won’t you please ask your readers for help?”

For those who live in or nearby – what’s your no holds barred opinion of the area?

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