Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

Apparently on Friday (I was out of town Fri–Sun but hear this from a neighbor) there was demo work being done on the building one up from the northeast corner of 11th and Monroe NW. They failed to properly seal the building and some nasty dust flew out as a result, coating the alley running perpendicular to Monroe between 13th and 11th. Enough of this got into the park at 11th and Monroe that the District Department of the Environment closed it down for testing.

It’s lead that they’ve determined is in the area. Anyone who has visited the park or lives nearby can get tested at some place around 14th and Girard. I haven’t heard back from DDOE, but apparently they’ve had lots of folks at the site during the day. Hopefully other people have better info. I got back home late tonight so most of the folks who hang out in the park (and who are now displaced onto the sidewalk) had gone home and no one was sitting on the stoop with news.

I don’t know if you know anything about the building in question (one unit up on the east side of 13th, north of Monroe), but it’s been empty/boarded up since I moved into the area in November. I’d say the rumor is that it was the cause of the contamination, but I haven’t heard that from anyone 100% in the know.”

Crazy, I saw the testing truck driving away down 11th St, NW last night. Thanks to all who sent emails about this.


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