Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

In addition to proving DC residents green collar job training, DC Greenworks also designs and installs residential and commercial green roofs in the area. I’m including a few pictures of the beautiful mixed use green roof DC Greenworks installed this June on my garage off Sherman Ave. in Columbia Heights.

The 600 square foot installation features a flagstone seating area (perfect for coffee and mojitos), 300 square feet of perennial beds, an herb garden, extensive sedum ground cover, and a LOT of happy wildlife. This once unused and ugly garage roof is now actively employed as our back yard, while at the same time reducing run off by nearly 400 gallons in a typical 1″ rain storm. An attractive incentive through the DDOE’s RiverSmart Rooftops program really helped get this project off the ground.

I couldn’t have asked for better expertise and assistance from DC Greenworks and I will be out tonight supporting them at this benefit. Any PoP’er that dreams of more green space should look into a green roof!”


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