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24th Set of Entries for the 2010 Coolest Pet in PoPville Contest

Ed. Note: The deadline has passed for entries, we got over 300! If you missed the deadline, save your shots for next year, sorry no exceptions. I will be posting initial entries for 1 more week or so before the semifinal rounds commence. Remember if you have a favorite please let me know. If you emailed a photo of your pet I promise all photos will be posted, patience please, there are tons (literally hundreds) of pets in PoPville!

Please don’t make up names and “vote” for your pet multiple times. If you do so, and I catch you, (which is not hard to catch) your pet will be disqualified.


“This is Emily. She was rescued from the 2008 Iowa floods and brought to the Washington Animal Rescue League where she was adopted. She likes to run laps around the house and eat chicken and beef.”

Abe Lincoln

“Meet Abe Lincoln, our rescue pup and resident of the U Street neighborhood. He’s a bar hopper and a tail chaser.”


“Ruby is not only a fan of crawfish, but knows how to properly pick them up.”

Lots more great entries after the jump.


“Since her owner hails from Paris, it’s not surprising that Chloe has a Parisian chic look down…. all the way to the dismissive stare. Miaou.”


“Her hobbies include (in no particular order): napping, sunning, frolicking, gazing out of the window (tv for cats), waking me up at 3 am to alert me to her empty dish, and begging for people food (typically cheese).”


“Cosmo loves the snow. Okay perhaps he was tossed and a bit pissed about it.”


“Misty thinks she must be the winner because how can you turn down such a cute kitten.”

Linus and Carlos

“I’d like to submit our dogs Linus (doberman) and Carlos (miniature pinscher/chihuahua) as the coolest pets in petworth….actually Bloomingdale. I believe that they are the first set of twins that are not actually related to be
entered? They fully support the Big Bear Cafe liquor license by the way.”


“Lucky, chillaxin’.”


“This is Renior. He’s a native of Chapel Hill, NC, but he is currently loving city life in Columbia Heights. He’s a big fan of flowers from the farmers market!”


“This is Mackerel T. Spartacus Cat: he’s not so big, and he’s not so fat. His hobbies include sleeping, begging for kibble, and chatting with his Columbia Heights squirrel-friends.”


Sex: Female
Birthday: Unknown (Adopted from Lucky Dog Animal Rescue March 2010)
Parents: Beagle/Meercat?
Relationship: Equal opportunity butt sniffer
Looking for: A place to pee
Current city: Washington, D.C.
Hometown: Somewhere in South Carolina
Political views: Check yo’self befo u wreck yo’self
Religious views: No dice – I don’t believe in magic


“Oliver has recently moved from Columbia Heights to Petworth. Oliver’s hobbies include: running up down the stairs in his new house, playing with his toy fish, keeping a watchful eye on the neighborhood and posing for pictures.”


“This is Thai, a recent Texas transplant trying to adapt to life on the East Coast during Snowmaggeddon.”


“This is Scrapple, an 18.5-year-old cat who no doubt has lived so long because the evil burns deeply in him. And sweetness. But mostly evil.”

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