Washington, DC

Ed. Note: The deadline has passed for entries, we got over 300! If you missed the deadline, save your shots for next year, sorry no exceptions. I will be posting initial entries for 1 more week or so before the semifinal rounds commence. Remember if you have a favorite please let me know. If you emailed a photo of your pet I promise all photos will be posted, patience please, there are tons (literally hundreds) of pets in PoPville!

Please don’t make up names and “vote” for your pet multiple times. If you do so, and I catch you, (which is not hard to catch) your pet will be disqualified.



“rowdy (aka ‘the professor’, left) is the biggest snuggle buddy in the world and loves to hug and spoon while napping. she has won the hearts of even the most avid cat haters. rake mcclane, detective (aka ‘the detective’, right) loves to purr and attack rowdy’s tail and grow bigger every time you look at him. this picture captures the detective’s inability to sit still in one place and rowdy’s exasperation at the goofy new thing we brought home.”


Lots more great entries after the jump.


Squiddy and Roxie



“Belafonte is always up for a bike ride around town!”


“From his feral Tenleytown roots and initial gender identity crisis (he was a late bloomer), Moses, the cross-eyed wonder, now makes his home in Park View where he spends his days generally being lazy and eating bugs.”


“Penny is a rescued beagle who runs (and eats grass!) like a cow. She was rescued from a puppy mill, so our theory is she never learned how to behave like a proper beagle lady.”

Becky (left) and her daughter Beyonce


“Here’s Sputnik lounging to the max, as usual!”


“You think it’s easy being this cute?!”


“I <3 sunshine"
Boomer McGrath

“This little guy was found stray in Alabama, and now calls Capitol Hill East home. He has the sweetest demeanor, and we have no idea how anyone could leave him on the streets!”


“This is Bug, and despite the pout, she loves everyone and everything. She’s only sad because she’s not currently romping through Meridian Hill Park, our favorite place in D.C. Like her people, Bug is originally from Alabama, so this summer heat thing is no sweat.”


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