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Reminder: Median Planting Sat. Volunteers Needed

Thanks to Jeff on 8th for sending in details and images of what’s going on with the New Hampshire Ave, NW medians. He writes:

“In the 3700 block, the median will be tilled and mulched. This is due to the foot traffic caused by people not crossing at the cross walks (aka jaywalking). Which resulted in the sod being killed. Also, DDOT/UFA is looking into options to reduce jaywalking in the 3700 block but as of right now a solution hasn’t be selected.

In the 3800 block, the median will be tilled by DDOT/UFA, and will be mulched on July 10 with mulch donated by Tom Carter from Terra, Inc ( which is based in Petworth). If and when we are able identify additional funding and community support, we will also plant this median and any other median from Georgia Ave to Grant Circle.

In the 3900 block, the median will be mulched (again with mulch donated by Tom Carter from Terra, Inc) and planted with flowers via a grant from ANC 4C on July 10. Volunteers are still needed for the planting.

If anyone wishes to volunteer please email us at [email protected]

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