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Judging Restaurants – Horace & Dickie’s

by Prince Of Petworth July 21, 2010 at 12:00 pm 28 Comments

Horace & Dickie’s is located at 809 12th St. NE (just off H Street). Every time I walk by there are people coming in and out which I think is a very good sign. I think they may have come up when we discussed the best crab cakes in town.

I was psyched to see they have a Web site which says:

“Inspired by the everyday family cooking that we grew up with. We have been in business for more than 20 yrs and this is the one and only location. You’ll feel at home while savoring a great meal. Experience our Fish that has made us famous as featured on Man vs. Food on the Travel Channel. Our famous fried chicken and handmade crab cakes will also keep you coming back! . Our friendly atmosphere and great food is surely what makes us one of the most popular places to eat in Washington D.C.”

You can see their menu here.

What’s the must order item?

  • Anon

    I’ve never gone in, but I’ve heard NOTHING but good things about that place. I know people who go across town during their lunch hour to grab a meal. That’s saying something.

  • Ceeton

    Had their fish sandwiches a few times – wonderful. Just get the fish sandwich.

  • spoiled

    meh. bland.

    • neener

      yeah, it was a BARGAIN and the food was decent, but I’ve never felt the need to return again. I certainly didn’t need to buy each of us a sandwich when it was enough fried food for 3 people. (I limit what I eat because I sit down all day)

  • Wonderful, great food, just get ready to feel like beached whale for the rest of the day.

  • i love lulu

    Excellent fried fish, and the best southern style (no batter)fried chicken in the city.

  • Rayful Edmond

    The sandwich is about three pounds of fried fish.

  • H street resident

    Judging by the lines, this is a great place. It’s take out only, for those of you who haven’t ever been by.

    • eater

      if they had outside seating and served beer it’d be even greater.

  • chris

    whenever I’m on that side of town, fried fish sandwich for me!

  • Anon

    The food is so simple but a great little gem. Highly recommend.

  • Frenchy

    Get the fish sandwich. Here’s a tip – order a side of cole slaw and pile it on the sandwich. Add some hot sauce and tartar sauce and enjoy! Best fried fish in town.

  • If there’s a better fish sandwich in DC, I’d like to know where it is. Drown that four-piece in hotsauce and use the Wonder Bread to mop it up. Some folks complain it’s not as good as it used to be, or as good as the old Maine Avenue fish frys where they deepfried catfish and croaker in pure lard. But those places are all gone and H&D is about all that’s left of the oldschool fish fryers. The closest competition would be Shrimp Boat off East Capitol.

    • eater

      is that still open?

  • @HStreetDC

    Agree with Monkeyrotica. This is the best fried fish in town!
    Total no-frills. Your choice of white or “whole wheat” – both Wonder Bread. You get 2 tiny tubs of hot sauce, extra charge for more. Please know what you want or they’ll snap at you for holding up the line. They hand you the order open so you can sauce it on the spot before closing it and moving to the register.
    The no-batter fried chicken is authentically Southern home-cooking style. Terrific if you can pull yourself away from the fish.
    They usually have some homey desserts like coconut cake and bean pies.
    Skip the greens. You can get great greens at the weekend plate dinner service at the United House of Prayer (UHOP, not IHOP) for All Peoples at 13th and H on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.
    Horace and Dickie’s is an H Street treasure that’s worth driving across town for.

    • Dickie

      Horace!?! Is that you???

  • K

    Best fish fry in DC. I Used to live around the corner and we went for dinner more often then we didn’t. I recommend the platter and a side of mac-n-chez. More food then 1 person can consume….and thus great to split with a hungry friend.

    • Anonymous

      there is a very serious health risk to eating this kind of food that often.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome fish, one order serves a whole family

  • Doctor Action

    not the best fried fish sandwich in the city – that is at Oohhs and Aahhs – but the best value as you get way more fish for way less money. as Frenchy says, get a fish sandwich with coleslaw, tartar sauce and hot sauce. no need for fries. but if you want an additional treat go for the banana cream pie/pudding.

  • David A.

    This place was one of the WORST meals I’ve ever had. It is neither good nor friendly.

  • Eric

    I was in Autozone getting some parts the one day and I was amused by a couple old timers complaining about how Horace and Dickie’s isnt as good now thats its famous and all the new people are going to it. ah, the lulz.

  • Near H St

    Love the fish sandwich but it’s a once in a while treat. That fish sandwich is served up with an order of heart disease and high cholesterol.

  • erik

    Had their famous fish not terribly long ago. Got thru the line, but the fried fish had apparently has been cooked once if you notice it piled up before they drop it in for a second time. Didnt think much about it, but blahh not that great. Even the Church fish fry’s around town are way better without the mystique & folklore…well maybe a different type of folklore…

  • gina

    Horace and Dickie’s is awesome, but the fish sandwich is the star. The fried chicken is good too. My favorite thing is how the women fix the fries-really let them do it-ketchup and salt and lots of pepper. So good!

  • Mike

    Been there twenty years–change the oil in the fryers every ten years whether it needs it or not.

  • CC

    The fish sandwich was bland. I guess you do have to “drown it” to get some flavor.

  • I have read all the comments before posting mine, and you guys are crazy! I’ve been going to H&D for years now, and most of you had also realized the ‘secret’….you have to be there at the right time. If you go at busy periods, that fish sandwich is awesome.

    Wait until the slow periods, and the fish….ok at best. Never go there on Friday during lunch, unless you have an hour to kill waiting on line. Especially on payday – then the wait is double. Dining and H&D is like any relationship – you’ll have issues, but the good always outweigh the bad.


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