Garden of the Day (Owner Submitted)

by Prince Of Petworth July 22, 2010 at 8:48 pm 4 Comments

The owner writes:

“My garden is outside the city but it’s planted in straw bales, which can very easily be done on a balcony or in a rowhouse yard. Put some sheet plastic under the bales, cover in compost, let them rot for a few weeks, and plant. When you’re done you can pretty easily compost up all the straw.

I forgot to pick a zucchini for a day or so:

Farm haul from the other day:

it’s so easy to urbanize the concept.”

After the jump check out a phenomenal chicken and an odd bonus garden.

“Interestingly, the chickens planted their own garden. This is something we sadly don’t see in DC because chickens aren’t allowed but we had fed them some tomatoes last year and apparently, some of the seeds sprouted this year.”


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