Washington, DC

Yesterday I reader wrote in asking about the status of the Gage-Eckington park project in Ledroit Park. I’m afraid there is bad news to share. A number of readers have forwarded me an email from CM Jim Graham titled ‘CM Barry up to no good– Gage-Eckington Park Disapproval Filed’:

This is an outrage, and a totally needless delay in a very worthwhile project. We need this project to go forward, because of the recreational and park benefits it will bring to the entire community, and most definitely including all of the kids at Kelly Miller.

I will speak to him, though I suspect it will be to no avail. Perhaps also Chairman Gray (copied herein) can approach him?

I think LeDroit Park should descend on him en masse. What do you think?

Are you ready for the revolution residents of Ledroit Park?


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