Washington, DC

Great development from Council Member Jim Graham’s Web site:

I am pleased to announce that last week, the Mayor recommended, and Council approved, a loan of $4,137,000 from the Community Development Block Grant Program to acquire the old Deauville Apartments at 3145 Mount Pleasant Street.

Located at 3145 Mount Pleasant Street, the Deauville was a historic building that was destroyed by a five alarm fire in March 2008. As a result of the fire, the tenants were relocated . We had all been working hard for years up until that time in order to overcome the nefarious actions by the slumlord who owned the property. Those actions were obviously set back with this fire.

This loan approval is an essential step towards redeveloping and rehabilitating the property. We appreciate the hard work of the Mayor and his staff in making this possible. The Mayor has been with us on this since the first hours of that devastating fire. The strong interest and support from ANC1D has also made a huge difference. And, of course, the tenants and housing advocates have stood strong in their determination to become the owners of 3145.

This loan will be used to fund the acquisition of 67 units of affordable housing in Ward 1. Forty of these units will be occupied by the original displaced tenants.

I look forward to putting this horse’s ass award nominee behind us and I can’t wait to post photos when progress takes shape!

Remember if there is no progress at all by March 2011 that’s when we start the revolution


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