Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

First, what is the area above Spring, below Upshur between 14th and 13th. Neither Columbia Heights nor 16th Street Heights community associations seems to want it and they are worried if they move there it will always be unloved. I do not mean to start a line war but it seems excluded. Is there a way either association would consider
adding it?

Second, for people that actually live in that area, what do you think about it? Obviously a murder occurred at 14th and Perry recently but was that an oddity or is the place to be avoided?”

That’s Tivoli North of course. I’m just kidding, just kidding. Tivoli North actually is a business association but the idea of calling the neighborhood that is very controversial to say the least. The truth is, it depends who you ask. Among the residents that live in that area I’ve heard people refer to it as Columbia Heights, Petworth, 14th Street Heights, and 16th Street Heights. It is actually Ward 4 (Columbia Heights is Ward 1). I like the idea of 14th St. Heights.

And for #2, I’ll let the folks who live there answer but I travel that area all the time and while you should use street smarts (like most neighborhoods in the city) I only think this area will improve over time. What do you guys think?


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