Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

I was just hoping that you could plug the Argonaut now that it has reopened is ready for business. My wife and I live a few blocks away and have been 4-5 times since they’ve reopened as a tavern. Their upstairs (with a great view of the starburst intersection) and the patio are up, as are their booty beer and summer wheat on draft. They have a great neutella-and-homemade-peanut-butter sandwich, and their gazpacho is refreshing on these hot days.

The owners are such great people, and we’d hoped that more folks would be back to the Argo, given the huge crowds at both their fundraisers a few weeks ago. So far the place has been nearly (or completely) empty when we’ve been. The Argonaut has done so much for H Street that I feel that they could use all the help they could get.”

We talked about the fire at the Argonaut here. Argonaut is located at 1433 H Street, NE and looks like they have some great fish tacos. Get at ’em!


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