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  • wow this is a nice house

  • caballero

    Home Depot flip job.

    • Ryu

      Ikea cabinets

    • and also

      why do people not preserve the “character” anymore? sigh.

      • caballero

        It’s totally out of place on that block. The more I look at it, the more I see it for the abomination it is. And I really doubt those plants are native to the region.

  • Jake

    the landscaping looks great.

    • caballero

      But why would they plant those trees and block the natural light? What were they thinking? Have they no taste?

  • Rutherford

    You know what was better landscaping? The wooded empty lot. But you don’t need a landscape design certificate to do that.

  • Herb

    What time does the movie start?

  • Anonymous

    It definitely looks a lot better in person now that it’s done. All the houses in that little neighborhood are pretty ostentatious anyway.

  • apple

    Was wondering all winter what the hell was it going to be. So.. is it a private residence? Looks really out of place there, thats for sure…

  • anon


  • Jorge

    Here’s the architect’s website. If you go to Portfolio, under Residential, this house is the “Rock Creek Residence” and it shows interior shots as well.


  • 14stbulletz

    I’m a fan…great lines.

  • KStreetQB

    Yikes. All it needs is a white ferrari testerosa and a mirrored table to do blow off of and it will realize all the worst of the 70’s.


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