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Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza Opens 2nd Location in Tenlytown/Friendship Heights Wed.

Photo courtesy of Mike Wilkinson

Whenever I walk into Pete’s in Columbia Heights, no matter the time, I see folks focused on the food rather than their dining companions. I think this is a good indication that the pizza is pretty tasty. So it is no surprise that pizza this good can’t be contained to one neighborhood. From a press release:

Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza is pleased to announce the opening of its 3,400-square-foot store at 4940 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, between the Tenleytown and Friendship Heights neighborhoods of northwest DC on Wednesday June 16.

All of Pete’s made-to-order dishes – from pizza and fresh pasta to salads and desserts – are made with natural and locally sourced ingredients. Beef and pork are sourced in whole cuts from a co-op of regional livestock producers, and ground in-house daily to make the ground beef and sausage. All meat, including chicken, comes from naturally raised animals. Dairy products are from local farms from Frederick, MD, to Lancaster, PA. Some in-season produce is sourced from area farmers’ markets.

The new restaurant seats approximately 100 customers, features a separate area for take-out and delivery orders, and includes additional outdoor seating on a large corner terrace from spring to late fall. Like the first location, the new Pete’s will also offer Italian wines, American craft beers, all-natural soft drinks from Boylan Bottling Co., natural fruit juices, and bottled water.”

Photo courtesy of Mike Wilkinson

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