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New Bar, American Ice Company, Coming to 917 V St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth May 31, 2010 at 9:15 pm 35 Comments

I did a double take when I saw this sign. While it’s not too far from the 9:30 club it’s def. a bit off the beaten track. Though with Darnell’s (formerly Mocha Lounge) at nearby 944 Florida Ave, NW this spot could be picking up a bit. The alcohol application says:

“Small neighborhood gathering place with entertainment to include dancing, DJ’s and occasional
3-piece combo band. Total occupancy load is 143 with 44 seats included for Summer Garden.”

It kinda feels like it’s in a bit of an industrial area so it seems like a good spot for a small “neighborhood gathering place”. And I gotta admit, I love Summer Gardens… Stay tuned for more details as they develop.

  • Beast

    As a resident of the immediate neighborhood around this address, I have mixed feelings about this establishment. Sure, it’s good not to have unoccupied buildings on the street, but did this have to be a dance place??

    • Ragged Dog

      If you’re really serious about keeping a lid on things, you need to get down to your ANC meeting quickly with a dozen of your neighbors and make sure they don’t give away the farm.

      The ANC’s can be a force for good or evil, but they are useful when you know how to use them.

      • Ragged Dog

        I should have said “effective”

    • Mary

      License is on the agenda of this Thursday’s (7/1) ANC meeting. 7pm Reeves Center, Second Floor Conference Room

  • Awesome news. Pub the world.

  • Anon

    Where’s the scary homeless man going to live that normally sets up shop in that space?

    • Danny

      That’s the DJ.

  • Mitchell

    I am excited to see that they are trying something new. Vacant buildings can be a serious “neighborhood health” issue. Sure, a bar may not be the ideal substitute for all audiences, but Duffy’s is just around the corner, so I’m guessing they are going for a different audience.

  • Anonymous

    I’m all for development and new establishments in areas like this. But, I’m pretty sure anything that has a DJ and dancing is not going to be a “neighborhood gathering place.” DJ, dancing and 3-piece combos do not a “pub” make.

  • Anon

    LOVE it. The idea reminds me of some off the wall spots in Brooklyn. Very good look for the city.

    I’m amazed that there are so many vacant buildings in that area to begin with. It’s prefect for artists lofts and maybe even some light industrial space.

    • Anonymous

      too expensive for artists.

      • Actually more to do with zoning regs. Those areas could be reserved for light industrial or live/work. Plenty of cities that have large artist communities have done just that. As well as making artist conversions easier to get through permitting.

        Unfortunately DC does not.

        • Anonymous

          adams morgan was zoned for light industrial long after it was cost prohibitive for most artists. Hinkley Studios was fortunate to get in and root itself before that happened.

          a lot of places on the hill are like that too. still.

          was this area of u street never zoned light industrial? dont all those auto body places need light industrial designation?
          this area of u has been too expensive for artists for almost a decade.

  • WOW

    This is great news! Why wouldn’t you want a bar? Are you that guy who had a bad experience with a DJ in 2004???

  • DB

    I just don’t think we need another bar in the neighborhood. At some point, I’d love to see a bookstore, hotel, or doctors office pop up in the area. Or a decent coffee house/cafe other than Busboys. I wonder what the bar is going to look like since they’re demolishing the current building.

    • Anonymous

      theres a hotel going in near 9th and u.
      a coffeeshop going in near there too.
      there may be no doctors office coming, but theres howard hospital nearby, and the Washington hospital center.

      the only person that really dictates what goes in is the person hoping and banking on opening their own business.

      its great to visualize what you do want, but its kind of lame to disparage someone elses dream when they are moving forward ( and investing in your hood)

  • mike

    what hotel and coffee shop is gong in at 9th and U ????? thats the biggest pipe dream I have heard yet. Just like the Howard Town Center and the grocery store…will NEVER happen

  • Conrad H

    Hotel (Boutique Style) planned for 13th and U, where Riteaid is… I’m thinking I read that on this blog…

    I think it is a good thing I’m supportive.

  • mike

    I will only believe any of this delevopement when I see it. Fall of 2010 is a long way away and that project has been on the books for 7 years. I think everyone need to take what they can get when it comes to the 9/u area..its still way to off the beaten track for most people

  • Cory

    It is all but dead but Banneker Development was supposed to develop the two empty lots on the south side of Florida Ave between 9th and 7th as the Jazz on Florida. If constructed, it would bring 28 mixed-income condos along with some ground retail. You can read about it on DCMUD.

  • Neighbor

    I’m really unhappy about this. I live in the Rhapsody and selected that building for the peace and quiet not for some dumb rowdy ghetto club. Who knows anything about the quiet laws for residential areas? Might need to start investigating this.

  • Anonymous

    I’m really excited about this. So much better for the neighborhood than the junky roofing company that used to be in the space.

  • Another Neighbor

    I live in the immediate area as well and I am very excited about this. Even if this is not the classiest of establishments once it is up and running, it will be better than what is currently there and hopefully increase foot traffic.

  • Mike

    Hi Neighbors –

    I am one of the people putting this place together. First off, it is not going to be a dance place. As a matter of fact, we probably won’t even have DJ’s. When you apply for a license with ABRA it is necessary to ask for these endorsements even if you have no intention of using them.

    It is going to be a very low key neighborhood bar and taqueria. The Summer garden, that will only have ambient music until 11:00 PM at the latest, is on the side opposite of the Rhapsody and noise should not impact the residents. in any case, we have reached out to residents of your building and are in the process of setting up a meeting to discuss our plans with them and hope you will attend.


    • Another Rhapsody Resident

      Damn, I was kind of hoping for DJs/dancing! lol

      I live on the side facing the future bar (you can actually see my window in the photo) and I’m not too worried about the noise. The only time it would be an issue is if you were leaving your windows open at night, at which point you get all of the city noise anyway.

      Maybe Rhapsody residents should get a discount for the “inconvenience”! ;)

  • Neighbor

    Having music until 11pm is still disruptive. The use of any music on the patio will disrupt neighbors and only encourage drunk patrons to speak even louder to be heard above the music.

    I think there should be no music on the patio, only inside the venue, and that the patio should close at 10pm.

  • Rhapsody Resident

    This will be a great addition! I’m pumped to have a new place in the neighborhood (there are no nearby taquerias that I know of) AND increased foot traffic on V street can only be a plus. After school is out and the mechanic shop closes, that street becomes a broken window free-for-all.

  • Anon

    The more businesses the better. If you moved to the U Street area and are looking for peace and quiet, I’m not sure how the two go together.

    The other establishments that the owners have developed are low-key and fit very well into their respective areas of the city.

    Good luck and welcome to the neighborhood!

    P.S. Believe the Howard Town Center is happening, maybe not breaking ground in 2010, but it’s happening.

  • Snark

    The picture should have been taken reverse angle. There’s a middle school directly across the street. How in the world can anyone in their right mind allow a bar to open directly across from a school.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      It is interesting to note though that EL Haynes on Georgia Ave (a fantastic charter school) is located between a strip club, a liquor store and not far from a bar. By all measures the school has had no problems with its neighbors.

      I’m not saying all schools should attempt a location like this but it is really is interesting to me how successful this school has become (given/despite its location).

  • Mary

    Hi Mike – I’d love to hear more about the plans as I live really close to this space on W Street. I have to admit I was terrified when I read DJ and Disco. In addition, to inviting those in the Rhapsody – perhaps you could let the other area residents know about the upcoming meeting you plan to hold?


  • Neighbor
  • eli

    9th & U off the beaten track?? and the poster who moved to U st for the peace and quiet?? wtf people, are you kidding me?

  • My-hood

    9th & U is definitely not off the beaten path. It’s not 14 & U, by no mean, but it is not dead. And, frankly, while it isn’t “quiet,” I do appreciate less action on that side of U Street–it’s a more peaceful side of U Street. As it is parking is horrendous as is, I’d hate to see it get any worse. Why must everything be totally built up? That side of U Street has amore residential feel, and it’s a good thing.


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