More Props for MPD

by Prince Of Petworth May 28, 2010 at 11:45 am 17 Comments

Photo from PoPville flickr user Tyrannous

“Dear PoP,

I was having dinner at Thai Tanic Tues. night in Columbia Heights and ironically enough talking about a friend that got mugged on 17th and R and how odd it was in that area which is considered “safe” when I see a guy on the street casually walking by the brick wall there at Allegro and he leans over the wall and casually picks up a girls purse off the table and just strolls on down the sidewalk like nothing happened. At first it did not register that he was actually stealing her purse, then she yelled at him and it kicked in that this is actually a theft going on in front of me. Long story short several people started chasing the guy down, and out of nowhere two of DC’s finest came running up behind us and helped run the guy down. They were in plain clothes but had their badges, they said they were on a bus going by and saw us chasing somebody so they had the bus stop and let them off. Had they not done that he would have gotten away with it. I know we give DC’s cops hell quite often, and to be honest there are some slack moments in the service : ) but you know what, sometimes they shine too. I have had several conversations directly with the Police Chief this week via her personal posted email and she has been quick to respond and quick to help, as busy as she must be at her level. I want to be sure to take the chance to say, MPD, for all the good apples you have, thank you for your service, you are appreciated. This week you have restored my faith.”

On top of the heroism of MTPD this was a great week for law enforcement!


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