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Update on Meridian Pint Coming to 11th and Park Road, NW

by Prince Of Petworth April 28, 2010 at 10:17 pm 70 Comments

Lots of folks have been inquiring about the status of Meridian Pint coming to 11th and Park Road, NW. I’m happy to report that the place is progressing nicely and they will be open in about a month (definitely in time for the World Cup). I was able to take a bunch of photos of the progress.

upstairs bar has used some reclaimed detailed old wood

Lots more photos after the jump.

closeup of upstairs bar

lots of progress upstairs

some cool details

awesome rollback windows

built in bench by window

more cool details

downstairs bar

more downstairs

closeup downstairs

closeup downstairs bar

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Holy shit. Fantastic. Hurry, please.

  • ShawRes

    Hey PoP! I heard Vegetate (the former restaurant in Shaw) was looking to occupy some of this space. Is that still the case?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      They looked at the second floor space months ago but I haven’t heard anything since then.

  • very yay.
    need footie and a pint. stat.

  • Anonymous

    Ah ghad, FINALLY! Can’t wait!


    Can’t say I’m a big fan of the schizophrenic architecture on the outside. BUT the bizarre mix of details on the inside is really going to work out nicely I think.

    I just hope it’s the civilized soccer fans who patronize this place during the Cup and not the rude hooligans who can’t hold their alcohol. They’ll be out on the street with a dipty up their schnoozel frankin’ a boz!!! I hope their bums can take such a wazzling.

    • I totally agree on the architecture. Earlier posts on PoP showed renderings & street elevations, and good feedback in the comments from the architectural firm. But to me it still looks like Stanley Kubrick’s chiropractor’s office: more of an attempt to get an architect’s tradeshow award than to achieve any kind of street harmony.

      BUT, the inside looks like it has great potential. And as a neighborhoodie, I’m fully psyched for this place to open finally.

      As for the hooligans, The Sport is still hated too much in this country to generate that much passion. Maybe that’s a good & bad thing. But once USA gets a good thumping by England, we’ll see how that goes…

      • ColHeights1

        Sorry friend…unless England can stop sleeping with each other’s girlfriends I don’t know if they can get it together. We’ll see who wins this one. England looks a little messy right now. Do they even have a full defense yet?

        But more importantly, it will be great to have a soccer bar in the ‘hood

  • Looks gorgeous. Love the attention to detail!

    A few requests (going into begging mode now):

    (1) Given the soccer emphasis, I imagine there will be several large TV’s in the basement lounge area. PLEASE have enough TV’s that you can play several NFL games at once on Sundays (and same drill with NCAA tourney). There is no place in CH to watch non-Redskins games, and people pack the house on Sundays for bars with decent food in which they can watch multiple games at once (or at least have enough TV’s that fans of multiple teams can be satisfied). And get the NFL package!!!!

    (2) Foosball table!

    If the food is good and Giants games are playing on Sundays, I for one will be there more Sundays than not!

    • Jack

      The Giants suck. Someone needed to say it. The bars play the Redskins because this is DC. MP should do the same. Go to BlackFinn for the lame transplant football experience.

      • At least 50 percent of the football fans in DC are fans of teams other than the Skins. Deal with it. It’s not our fault that y’all have the worst owner in football and, consequently, are perpetually irrelevant …

        • Jack

          Where does the 50 percent number come from? If you have your eyes and ears open, I’d say the Skins are perpetually relevant to the city we’re in.

          • Anonymous

            You couldn’t be more wrong, Jack. I bet you thought the Caps were the best team in hockey as well!

        • ballslightning

          That would all be different if they had kept Steve Superior as the ballcoach. Never gave him a chance.

        • Eric in Ledroit

          New2CH – please keep informing us of all the things that other cities have that are better than DC. It’s awesome – I never would have guessed that Boston’s chinese food beat ours, but I’m glad you saw fit to appropriately chasten our chinese chefs.

          • Please keep obsessively searching for all my negative food comments (disregarding my many positive ones, by the way) and making douschey comments. I am enjoying all the attention and glad to see you are paying attention; even if I didn’t mention Chinese food on this thread, I’m glad I’ve made such an impression on you! I apologize for pointing out the obvious, that D.C., generally speaking, has crappy Chinese food (speaking now of D.C. itself, not Rockville etc.), which anyone (which apparently doesn’t include you) who has ever actually had GOOD Chinese food agrees with. I love many things about D.C. I’d love it even more were there better selections for certain cuisines available (not including the many good cuisines that I have complimented, including Indian, Ethiopian, Japanese, and Thai). Places that get it right here are ALWAYS packed, so there is clearly the appetite … and I am generally someone who expressed enthusiasm, consistently, for all the many wonderful things that have happened in Columbia Heights. Yes, my pet peeve about D.C. is that considering the level of disposable income here, it should be a better food town, and it ranks behind nearly every major U.S. city in this regard, according to anyone who pays attention to these things, even if it is WORLDS improved from five years ago …

          • By the way, what exactly did I say HERE that so offended you? Requesting multiple TV’s so I can see a Giants game at a new local establishment, that I am very excited about by the way? I made no mention of any other city whatsoever, I would just rather give my dollars to a local place than go elsewhere in the city. Sheesh.

      • Mike S

        I’m gonna back New2Ch on this, and not just because I’m a Giants fan as well. Regardless of who your favorite team is, the lack of a good sports bar is one of my few gripes about CH. Not that biking down to Solly’s is that problematic, but having something closer to home would be appreciated. I can live with the Skins on the big screen if I can watch a few other games at the same time.

      • I am shedding some crocodile tears for you Crapitals fans-time for the city to go back to caring for 1/4 of your pro sports teams- I just hope that the Flyers can take advantage of Crapital ineptitude! And as for the Rashes, you might have taken philly’s QB, but the Iggles will still rule your world.

    • saf

      Baseball games too. The Nats fans in the neighborhood, especially those without cable, would become regulars to watch the Nats games!

      And while I am not a skins fan, or even a football fan, I am happy to here that the bars around here pay attention to a local team over yet more out of town stuff.

      • Washington has a baseball team?

        • Anonymous


        • saf

          Ha ha.

      • saf

        Hear. not here. I know the difference, really.

  • Agree w/ the external architecture – Frank Lloyd Wrong is all I gotta say on it.
    Inside looks fab top and bottom. The deco in the basement appealing to the steampunk subculture?
    Can’t frickin’ wait for it to open!*

    *Haven’t I said this at every opportunity about MP?

  • T

    looks awesome! re:world cup, i wonder if they’re getting a 3D TV?

  • Nick

    My issue with the outside is the quality of construction. Many details appear pretty shabby and/or slip shod. Look closely around the doors and windows — there’s much to be desired. On top of that, the color scheme is washed out — are we awaiting a final coat of paint? Based on the renderings, I always thought the vertical element near the mid-point of the building would incorporate some interesting cladding. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

    The construction of the interior, which I assume is being pursued by a different GC, looks good from the pics, but it’s hard to judge until you see it in person. I agree that the design is intriguing.

    Overall, high high hopes for the interior.

  • Agreed re: the cladding, it seemed like there would be some sort of attractive slate or something on the big ornamental walls, rather than a painted-cardboard look. And the color scheme is odd. Plus the hastily-added wood sections on the second floor just look cheap and out of place. I’m hoping that after signage and so forth is added the exterior looks a bit better.

    • Eric in Ledroit

      I know – the sports bars of Providence, Rhode Island have far superior exterior cladding. DC sucks!!

    • Redhead

      Um – they’re clearly going to stain the new wood to match the old.

  • Rick

    I’m digging that three-headed fan/light fixture thing. Where can I get one of those?

  • JohnnyReb

    Interesting shape to the exterior, but agreed: the color is just blah. It looks like a continuation of the cement sidewalk – just blends right in.

  • Jack

    @Anon 11:33, you missed the point. I’m not under the illusion that the Skins went 19-0. They’re relevant in that people care about them, are talking about them everyday. There are a lot of transplants in this town and a lot of native Cowboys fans for a whole host of reasons (the Skins being the last to desegregate being one of them), but you’re just not with it if you don’t think the Skins are a big deal in this town, win or lose. I’m not an in-your-face jerk about it, but I’m a Skins fan and it would make me a little sick and a lot sad if the bar down the street starting piping in Giants games.

  • Roxanna

    Looks like it is going to be a great addition to the area! The space looks wonderful! I know I’m looking forward to a hanging out there. The options start to feel limited at times, so this great!

  • Petworth Newbie

    This place is going to fill up to Wonderland/Birch and Barley proportions within days of opening. Go 11th Street!

  • Ian C

    Guys, aren’t we judging a sonogram on cuteness here, so to speak? June is a long ways away and finish work tends to come… at the finish.

  • Jack

    Yes, go 11th Street! That’s the real point of everything. Folks are looking at that big corner house on 11th and Park and the big empty on 11th and Monroe has a new zoning posting in the window. Get those toilets while you can!

    • Burying the lead there … new zoning posting on 11th and Monroe??? That is great news! Curious to hear more …

  • Petworth Newbie, agreed. John A. knows what he is doing, love the business model of this place. Can’t wait to catch some World Cup in June!

  • Bitter Elitist

    pints & soccer!!

  • Exterior

    FYI, the building itself (and therefore the exterior portion of the property) is not owned by the folks who are opening up Meridian Pint. Mr. Andrade and his partners are tenants so they don’t have much control over the outside.

  • Meridian PL

    Sigh. Only in this town would anyone object to the local sports teams getting more coverage than any other town’s teams.

    • Mal

      Yeah I agree – that’s very strange. You’d get beat up in other cities for even hinting at changing it from a local game!

  • RD

    what is up with all the soccer fans on this blog? is it just that they are the most vocal of the sports fans here? i hope this place doesn’t become known as a “soccer bar.”

    • Mal

      +1! I hope it’s just a generally good place to watch all sports, with local teams on the main TV and other games on smaller TVs. I always thought that was the normal way to set up TVs in a sports bar, no? I agree that obviously not *everyone* is a DC sports fan around here, but even being a NY fan I can appreciate the fact that local games are always going to take precedence.

  • Nooooo

    • ESPZ

      11th Street Party Zone haters get out the way

  • Lady

    play accordion…





  • Steve

    I hope it does not stay as crowded as Birch and Barely. We here in DC tend to flock to the next new thing and ruin it.

    That said, my wife and I have been really enjoying room 11 lately. Very mello and the staff has been super nice to us.

  • I certainly agree that local team will always deservedly get the top billing, I don’t think anyone is saying the Skins should be displaced. Just would be nice to have other options as well, and probably good for business! Places like Sully’s are great because they have a ton of TV’s where you can easily see every game (and even lots of local fans like to also keep tabs on other games given how many fantasy football addicts are out there). I realize this isn’t designed to be a sports bar, and lots of TV’s would no doubt mess up the upstairs vibe, but I’m just hoping that there are enough TV’s downstairs so they can play multiple games at once on a football Sunday. That is a huge, flexible space, and I imagine if approached creatively they could create a sports bar vibe for things like World Cup, NCAA tourney, and football weekends, while being a bit more loungy in the evenings … but a surefire way to make money in DC (or anywhere, for that matter) on fall Sundays is to play loads of games …

  • Anonymous

    One more step in the Adams Morganization of 11th Street. More Virginians and Marylanders coming in to pee on our lawns. More party buses to drop them off. Hurray!

    • Lady

      Are you shaking your cain and telling us kids to get off your lawn over the internet? Cool. You should log is as Hipster Granny.

  • Marcus Aurelius

    It’s pretty much standard operating procedure for a bar with multiple TVs to show different teams and/or sporting events at the same time. If you want all Redskins all the time, go the The House on Georgia Ave.
    And speaking of Georgia Ave, isn’t there supposed to be a sports bar on the block where Looking Glass is located? It’s been a long time since I’ve heard any mention of it.

    • OB Rider

      I too would be interested in an update on that sports bar. Also, isn’t The House a strip joint? Do the girls or the game get more attention?

  • Happy Home-owner

    What is this “Adams-Morganization” thing that comes up from time to time? Development is good. Empty storefronts are bad. Bring them on. The more the merrier!

    As a homeowner in the neighborhood, I fully accept this progress and LOVE the ability to walk to the grocery store, multiple restaurants, and, yes, multiple bars. In my opinion as a homeowner in the neighborhood, it makes neighborhood better.

    • Anonymous

      Shouting and screaming at 2 am is bad, drunk people passed out in my yard is bad. Drunk people puking and peeing on my porch is bad. Litter is bad. Noise is bad.

      I’d much rather have a few more empty storefronts.

      • Eric in Ledroit

        the suburbs sound like an ideal choice for you.

      • Anonymous

        have you noticed the number of empty storefronts on 11th street? even just between monroe and lamont? there are enough to give the ol’ rust belt feeling to the uninitiated.

      • anon

        move east of anacostia. you can lock yourself in.

      • Anonymous

        You should’ve seen the litter and crime on 11th 10 years ago…and all the vacant crumbling houses with squating crackheads. Haha lots of gun shots at 2 am…Welcome to the neighborhood newbie!

        • Anonymous

          I’ve been in the neighborhood years. I don’t mind development, I’m just tired of bars.

  • andy

    Will I be able to roll a stroller into this bar?

  • Redhead

    Can’t tell from the picture if someone already tagged this place or if it’s just a really ornate fire hydrant.

  • Jack

    Not a tag, part of the water system, though this stretch of 11th did get hit up with some graffiti a couple weeks back. The linen cleaning service’s trucks got hit up and the fence across the street from what will be MP had something weird scrawled on it like just the word “sex.”

  • HolmeadHomey

    FINALLY! This place can’t be opened soon enough. CH is in desperate need of a sports bar/another place the wet the whistle. Open sez-a-me!!

    Boo haters.

  • Shawn

    Show the Terps! I am excited for this bar!!

  • mutts

    I believe neighborhood bars should have pride in the local teams, that means Nats, Skins, Caps, United, even the Wizards. Support your local flavor, mom and PoP shops, and btw don’t shop at Walmart. It sucks life from our communities.

  • Lisa Dee

    Johnny Andrade has a great vision there and the space in which to make it happen. Should be a welcome addition!


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