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Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth April 27, 2010 at 3:00 pm 8 Comments

This rental is located at 1230 Irving Street NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Two bedrooms/one bathroom. Tile floors through-out, baseboard heating, washer/dyer, dishwasher, windows in every room. Nice & clean apartment in the heart of Columbia Heights.”

Does $1,900/month sound reasonable with a roomate? There’s another similar set up at 1027 Park Rd, NW which is going for $1895/month. Which do you think is the better location?

  • H

    this would be an appropriate asking price, except for the fact that it’s a basement. a basement in that area should go for about $1600 or maybe a tick more

  • K

    H, they should, but they rarely do.

  • Anonymous

    i’d much rather be at the address on Park than Irving. Irving has a ton of traffic, plus lots of interesting folk from the housing complex at 13th and Columbia a block away.

  • Anonymous

    I used to live upstairs at that address, and I can’t say that noise/interesting folk were ever really a problem.

    Still sounds overpriced for a basement, though.

  • hat

    I watched this reno happen and I don’t think it was done as well as it could have… especially for that price.

    My partner and I live in a basement a few doors down and are up to $1900 through increases now, but that includes our security system, water, cable (which is HUGE) and internet. And that’s with a better-laid-out one bedroom with a smarter lighting arrangement and much nicer kitchen

    The noise/traffic/sirens aren’t an issue in the basement level. However, there are some folks either at this house or down one or two more that hangout on the front lawn with hookas and they’re pretty annoying.

  • Nathan

    It’s the kids screaming in the yard across the street that drove me nuts when I lived a few houses down from there. I worked from home mostly, so if you aren’t there during the day, probably not an issue. Otherwise, great street. Not too much traffic. Park Road is probably the lesser of the two, but not by much.

  • xyz

    wow- I lived in a one bedroom basement a block from there 3 years ago for $1100. I don’t think the Target is worth that much. Not to me, at least.

  • Warderite

    A friend of mine used to live in that apartment. Great location, but the basement has a tendency to flood and it is (predictably) very dark. It made for a good man cave but isn’t very homey – not the sort of place you want to stay in more than a year or two.


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