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  • Enos

    Looks like a sea mine from WWII.

  • Bella

    just guessing here, but i’d suspect it might be a “bobber” or “float” from a deep sea fishing vessel. or perhaps a lobster trap-flag-buoy-marker.

  • Jim Blaze

    actually, i’m pretty sure it’s a wrecking ball.

  • John S

    Bella is correct. Two markings on the ball clearly indicate what this is. The first is the origin, Falmouth Mass. which is a fishing town and the second is the hook logo on the ball.

  • Chowda

    Bella is semi-correct. However, it’s not a bobber. It’s a lobster net anchor.

  • Jack

    I am from Maine and I can assure you that lobsters are not caught using nets.

  • Sarah

    What does it say above Falmouth, MA? I went to high school there.

    And lobsters are sort of caught using nets, Jack. Boxes with nets inside of them. Sea cockroaches.

  • Jack

    A trap with some netting is still a trap. When I was a kid, the traps where still made out of wood slats.

  • Meg

    I’m from Boston and thought this looked familiar. Here’s what I found online: http://www.yellowusapages.com/ma/city-east-falmouth/company-95478-ore-offshore.html

    Definitely a weight of some kind used offshore. Cool digs.

  • PT Varnum

    Falmouth is a drinking village with a fishing problem

    -from Duxbury, another drinking village.


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