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Sala Thai Gets Signage in Petworth

by Prince Of Petworth April 28, 2010 at 9:36 pm 21 Comments

Before this proper sign went up on Wed. the coming soon banner had been taken down and I received a half dozen emails asking if they were still coming. As the new sign demonstrates, they’re definitely still coming to this space in the Park Place building above the Petworth metro. I’m told that the build out is very far along so we could see them open up in about a month or so.

  • AWESOME!!!!!!!

  • Jamie

    As great as I think this will be, I can’t help but wonder how well they are going to do there.

    Thaitanic is arguably better than Sala Thai, and their location is arguably better. I go there a lot. Like once every two weeks on average. Yet the restaurant is rarely more than 1/3 full.

    I hope they have deep enough pockets to hang in there because I doubt anyone could make ends meet with an empty bar and seating typically only 1/4 to 1/3 capacity. I honestly don’t understand why people wait in line for the mediocrity that is The Heights while Thaitanic is mostly empty. But whatever.

    I just don’t see how Sala Thai’s going to do any better at Petworth, if not a lot worse.

    • Rob

      It probably won’t help that Sala Thai is mediocre crap to begin with.

      • Jamie

        I was trying to be diplomatic when I said Thaitanic was “arguably better…”

        Maybe Sala Thai being mediocre will be an asset, since crappy restaurants seem to thrive on Georgia Avenue.

        • Why be diplomatic? This is a neighborhood blog, not NATO. Besides, all that your arguably mediocre comments reveal is that you possess an arguably mediocre palate. Highhanded bourgeois blogger types CRACK ME UP!

          • Jamie

            Thanks for sharing! It’s been a while since I read one of those “I hate this conversation and everyone who’s a part of it, therefore I will read and comment on it” comments. Everyone needs a little irony in their diet.

        • Jamie, I don’t hate the exchange or any of its participants, yourself included. Some of the comments are positive and encouraging. Bottom line is someone is taking the risky, yet constructive step to open up shop in a new and untested location and YOU see its announcement as an opportunity to provide a pre-opening critique on the food. Insipid culinary observations aside, your extra-sensory-perception skills must be amazing if they extend to your taste buds! And look up irony in the dictionary because it isn’t mere contradiction.

          • saf

            I bet Jamie has eaten at Sala Thai’s other locations. I have. They suck.

      • It takes one to know one

    • rocketnerd

      I order from Thaitanic (II) a fair amount, but have only dined in once. So, I’m not sure their business can only be judged by their in-house seating percentage capacity.

      That said, with Thaitanic just a little further than I’d prefer to walk for a last minute dinner (10-15 mins), and Sala less than 2 minutes away, I’d probably choose Sala in most cases unless it’s just awful. I think of these places like dry cleaners – you’re not necessarily wedded to your dry cleaner, you just go to it because it’s the closest/most convenient.

      So I agree that while it may not be worth driving across town for (I’d probably go to Rice, or even to Thai Square in VA if I wanted higher quality), but I imagine it will serve Petworthians pretty well – especially those east of Georgia.

  • SUSHI SUSHI SUSHI !!!!!!! I just peed a little. YAY!

  • Anonymous

    sala thai is good enough for what i want: delivery options for thai food and sushi. if i want the best thai food or sushi in the city i’ll go elsewhere, but i’m psyched about more options in my neighborhood and will get this often.

    • Resident

      FYI Thaitanic II delivers to Petworth if you beg a little.

      • saf

        We didn’t even have to beg.

        • CM

          Thaitanic refused to deliver to Petworth the last time I called so we called Sala Thai on U Street instead.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait. Any news on other openings in this building?

  • Petworth Newbie

    Did you say sushi delivery? My transition from Adams Morgan is now complete.

  • Yes I know all about the higher property values and slightly lower crime statistics, but does anyone else find Columbia Heights a little congested and frenzied? If it were not for cheap parking at the enchanting Target store, I wouldn’t be there ever. I like the peace I find on the short climb out of C.H. into Petworth, not to mention the easy parking. Though it may take some more time, Restaurant goers may also become drawn to this area. I plan to eat sushi there at least once a week and I will relish the absence of taxis, teenagers and psuedo-foodies please stay away as well.

    • Marcus Aurelius

      Agreed. I like the options at CH but would not want to wade through the crowds everyday to get to and from my home. Even if all of the planned development at or near the GA Ave/Petworth metro happens, it will still be more of an oasis of development rather than a hub.

  • Toby

    Let’s take a step back and look at the big picture here, folks. The good news is that local chains like Sala Thai think there is a market for their food in Petworth. Regardless of whether you care for their cuisine (and really? I’ll take Sala Thai over twinkies from a ghetto liquor store any day), you should be excited that the neighborhood is attracting different types of restaurants, which will in turn yield more businesses opening in the area. Homeowners in Petworth should support local restaurants and other businesses so that more will open! It’s a win win, people.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks…Tobi! Something other than chicken and mumbo sauce, pizza, and fast food. I am not the biggest fan of Sala Thai but I am glad to have the option if I don’t feel like going to VA or downtown or Silver Spring.


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