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  • Clyde Howard

    “Now If I can get the orange nose attached I might get it to sniff where I put my lunch”

  • cardozmite

    Today, remote control machine operator. Tomorrow, Metro rail/bus driver.

  • M A Green

    Bad robot! I want you to go over there and apologize to the nice excavator.

  • I loved you in Wall-E.

  • Sam

    NASA found DC’s pothole riddled streets to be the perfect training ground for the Mars Rover.

  • MtP Maggie



  • Matt

    No Short Circuit references? I guess it’s a different era…

    • Mal

      I’m only 25 and I LOVED that movie! I should watch that again. I never saw Wall-E..

  • Collin

    “Huh, well that’s funny. This looks nothing like the streetcars we ordered in the catalog.”

  • jm

    Despite the endless promises of youth, Wall-E grew up to find the world a much harsher place than he had ever imagined.

  • The Shack launches one of its new radio controlled toys. Batteries not included.

  • mieldog

    No disassemble Number 6307FIVE!

  • “Well hey little fella! Let’s try to get you home. Are you microchipped?”

  • Anonymous

    Never thought I would say this… but playing video games with Fenty’s kids may have actually qualified him for this job.

  • Anonymous

    Mario Karts Wiiiiiiiii! woohoooo

  • DCinDC

    “63075, I want you to think very hard about what you’ve done. Look how sad you’ve made Yellow Excavator behind you, he can barely hold his bucket up. Now go sit in that corner, and when you’re ready to talk about your actions, we’ll have a good hug and we can continue with the project. Try not to knock the fence down while you’re at it.”

  • MJ

    “100 D cell batteries and the dang thing doesn’t even go in reverse!”

  • Michael

    Now he just needs to find the button that tells the robot to sit around and watch the other robots work, and the robot will have mastered every skill that a real workman has.

  • DL

    “Hmm. Seems to be missing the coffee break button.”

  • Scott

    I’m sure to get that wraskely wabbit this time.

  • Scott

    I’m sure to get that waskely wabbit this time

  • Matt

    Filming begins for the Hurt Locker 2.

  • future PoP attorney

    Poor Joe, he got reassigned from watching other guys doing his work, to watching a robot do his work

  • dkmpdc

    Push “GO” button. Those Union guys get all the best work.

  • Betternot

    R2 wondered if this was his punishment for not telling Luke about his sister before that hot night on the moon of Endor.

  • Ryan

    Shovel ready my ass.


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