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  • Of course, my girlfriend and I both had our own flags, so when we moved in together we had this huge fight about which one to keep. This solved things for a little while, but now we’re always arguing about who gets to be on top.

  • hg

    Flag pole at Sarah Palin’s yard to show the “Real America” and there is also a flag for those so called Americans (the not so real bunch).

  • Cardozomite

    This Tea Partier wants to show he has twice the American pride as the rest, three times as much if you include is flag shirt.

  • Anonymous

    I remember from the Boy Scouts that it is basically TREASON to Fly the US flag lower than any other state or country flag when on display. I wonder if this qualifies.

    The again, people wear flag underwear and feel patriotic so I don’t think anyone respects flags anyway.

  • USA! USA!

  • Sully

    Half mast the monkey’s ass according to his balls!

  • andy

    USA! USA! is EXACTLY what I was thinking. Monkey Daddy is dialed in.

  • eva

    AMERICA! F&*#$ yeah!

  • two americas

    evidence that John Edwards was right.

  • Sleepy

    What, you only got one flag at your place? Go back to Afghanistan!

    • award


  • WDC

    …the la-aand of the freeeeee
    and the la-aand of the freeeee
    and the home of the braaaaave

    Hands down, best captcha ever: side patriots

  • PG

    I only see one flag. The rest of you have obviously enjoyed 4/20 too much.

  • the lower flag may be a 48-star.

  • Cardozomite

    Thinking that statehood and a DC vote were guaranteed, Mayor Fenty now has to figure out what to do with all the extra 51 star flags…

  • JB

    These colors dont run and those colors dont hide.

    • JB

      These colors do re-run

  • Green

    Move it, you’re hoggin’ the breeze.

  • TerpMcNasty

    Where baby flags come from

  • Geezer

    They ran it up the flagpole to see if anyone saluted. When no one did, they tried it again.

  • Anonymous

    Red, White & Two.


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