New Bar, Dodge City, Has Soft Opening at 917 U Street, NW

by Prince Of Petworth April 20, 2010 at 11:13 pm 30 Comments

Upstairs bar

Well this totally fell below my radar. Thanks a million to a reader for sending word about U Street’s newest bar. I was able to hit the opening and snap some photos. Dodge City is located right next door to Velvet Lounge at 917 U Street, NW.

This spot has four partners – Abdul Kayoumy and Haile Berhane (also owners of Velvet Lounge) plus Patrick Mucklow and Angie Hopson. I chatted a bit with Patrick and Angie who were super nice. Patrick previously had worked at Black Cat and Bar Pilar while Angie used to work at this space’s previous resident, Kingpin, among other spots in the city. Even though it was just a soft opening Tuesday evening, I can say the place had a great vibe. Dodge City has two comfortable floors. On the first floor there is a nice bar with about 8 or 9 seats and tables while the second floor has another bar plus a DJ booth.

I asked Patrick how they came up with the name Dodge City – he replied, it’s from a Go Go album where one of the songs has a line, “DC Don’t Stand For Dodge City”. That may be one of the cooler lines I’ve heard in a long time. And while it’s a bit premature, I feel like this spot has the potential to be the best new bar to open up on U Street since Solly’s.

album that inspired the bar’s name

Many more photos after the jump including a look at the beer menu.

Downstairs bar

Downstairs taps

DJ booth

Upstairs seating area

Homage to previous tenant Kingpin

  • ontarioroader

    Yeah, DC=Dodge City was a back-in-the-day thing. With the number of shootouts in the ’80’s/early ’90s it wasn’t far from the truth.

  • Christopher

    Good thing that’s a Go Go reference because my college educated friends and I prefer not to patronize establishments referencing small towns in Kansas.

  • Josh

    Just the other day my buddy visiting from out of town was like, Is there like no place in this city to get an Amstel Light for less than seven bucks?


  • V

    That beer list reminds me how good we have it in DC these days. It’s really becoming a beer lover’s city, and it’s even more evident when I travel to a lot of other cities in this country where Heineken is considered an exotic import and Sam Adams is the upscale American craft beer.

    • two americas

      agreed. though i wish we had some more home grown varietals.

  • new hampy

    great addition to that part of u street. very excited!

  • Chris in Eckington

    It’s about time something opened in that space. I’d only just finally given up on Kingpin ever reopening.

    And Victory Golden Monkey on tap!?!? I’m there!

  • AnoN

    No PBR? That might upset the folks in the second photo.

    • Ward One Resident


  • Coolness! I dig The Velvet Lounge, have been there several times and played a show there once a little over a year ago. Sounds like Dodge City will be another cool hang for the U Street there, excellent!

    And Solly’s ROCKS! I play there upstairs every 2nd Monday of the month brining in different acts to cobill with me and it’s always a blast! Y’all should stop on by next month! Monday, May 10th, 8:00 p.m. SHARP! Here’s a poster for the show:


    Come on by if you can, we always have a ton of fun there! Nice post!! :-)

    – El Rojo

    • BungieBoy

      Great post! I’m not gonna reference or respond to it any more than that. Rather, I’m going to use it to bore everyone with some stinky self-promotional jibberish.

      Please buy my product.

      – El Cheeseball

      • Jason

        I think I love you.

        Well snarked, sir. Well snarked.

        • BungieBoy

          Thanks, buddy.

          • victoria

            Clearly you need to shorten your bungie, boy. What exactly is wrong with a local band posting a brief mention (that you are not required to read) of a local gig on a neighborhood blog?

      • BungieBoy & Jason:

        Last time I checked, whenever I promote an event I have at a venue, I’M ALSO PROMOTING SAID VENUE. Oh and yes I am a musician so shameless self promotion is a fact of my life, get over it. Funny, I thought I did REFERENCE & RESPOND to the post in the first part of my comment:

        “Coolness! I dig The Velvet Lounge (owners of new bar that opened), have been there several times and played a show there once a little over a year ago. Sounds like Dodge City will be another cool hang for the U Street there, excellent!”

        Again, I am relating to the owners of the new venue (Dodge City, subject of this post) who also own The Velvet Lounge where I have played at before and have seen several shows.

        Keep havin’ fun, you’re amusing the heck out of me, ha ha ha!!!! ;-)

        Victoria: Thanks for the support :-)

        – El Rojo

  • Matt

    $4 High Life? Better come with a tall shot of something from Kentucky.

  • Shawn

    Looks pretty cool. Matt, you think beers are like 50 cents too expensive?

  • Stacylg19

    $4 for a High Life! Sheesh…

  • the gup

    Great Lakes Dortmunder on Tap = my new favorite bar!!!

  • chris

    but will it stay open WELL passed last call like Kingpin did????

  • Matt

    I don’t mind paying a bit more for the microbrews/high grav stuff, but $4 for a High Life without a shot special is ridiculous. That’ll get you a pint of Yuengling most places.

  • Bellbottoms

    I hate men who wear tight pants!!!

  • BungieBoy

    @Victoria (12:08pm):
    The post had nothing to do with the topic, was pure shameless self-promotion, the mention was not “brief” as you say, the link to a poster for the show is cheesy, and since it’s basically good blog etiquette to read all posts before replying, I kinda *did* have to read it.

    How’s that for enough reasons? Plus, it was just too much fun!

    • victoria

      Clearly you could use some more fun – so I’m wishing you well!

    • @BungieBoy

      Actually the post had everything to do with the topic (see my comment above). And like I said above, I’m a musician, shameless self-promotion is a fact of my life, like it is for every other musician out there. And once more, like I already said above, when I am promoting an event I’m having at a venue, I am also promoting said venue. So in effect I was actually promoting all three venues based on my first two statements regarding The Velvet Lounge and Dodge City and of course in the following, long winded, shameless self promotion of my show at Solly’s, hehehe ;-)

      Oh, and I’m rarely if ever “brief” in writing, sorry, that’s just how I am. And I’ll be back later this evening to post a link to the facebook event invitation I created earlier this afternoon while on my lunch break to provide you another cheesy link for your enjoyment, ha.

      Maybe next time be sure to actually read what I wrote and think about your response before you write it.

      Thanks for providing me all of this “fun”!! Haven’t had this much “fun” in a long time!! Ha ha ha!!!

      – El Rojo

  • err

    I trusted your judgement more before the remark about Solly’s…

  • carn

    Yea I think if each beer were a dollar cheaper one would make up for it on volume and customer appreciation ;) I love Racer 5 but 7$ crosses some mental thresholds for me.

  • Sunny Florida Avenue

    I just want a Julia’s Hot Pepper Cheese Pepperoni Roll. Serve them and I will come. Hail West Virginia.

    • Mony

      Country Roads….Pepperoni rolls are awesome, get a dozen every time I go back home


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