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  • shugs

    I can say nothing but positive things about this place. I have wonderful memories associated with this restaurant. Food, service, ambiance and company were all awesome.

  • Definitely the best Indian place in town. I tried Heritage, WAY overrated, doesn’t hold a candle to Rasika. The crispy spinach appetizer deserves all the hype it gets, definitely a fantastic must-order, and all the fish dishes are outstanding. Just the right abount of spice …

  • Anonymous

    Hands down best Indian in the city. I second the crispy spinach appetizer. Great service, too.

  • Anonymous

    Palak Chaat — isn’t that the legendary crispy spinach dish?

  • Columbia Heights Boy

    The Palat Chaak, a sort of fried spinach with yogurt sauce, is one of their specialities and quite justifiably so. Also the lamb chops are are just amazing.

  • this place is so kickin it hurts.

    everything i’ve had there was 100%.

    and if i remember correctly the “ice” in my gin and tonic was actually frozen tonic.

  • M

    Rasika is one of the best restaurants. The food is really nuanced Indian. The Palak chaat is one of the most interesting, tasty things I have ever tried.Their naan is some of the best I’ve ever had. I definitely recommend it. Try it during restaurant week because it’s a GREAT deal then.

  • H

    Rasika is divine. We go there for every birthday, guest in town, or celebration. The cocktails, food, and service are outstanding. Must make a reservation well in advance!!

  • Anonymous

    And one of the hostesses at the front is totally smoking hot. I mean, like, no-sh1t seriously omfg drool in your soup hot

  • Rick

    Yep, it’s awesome. And it’s definitely fancier than your typical Indian place.

  • Swervin on Irvin

    Love the food and its creativity, although definitely only for special occasions as it’s a bit pricey. However, it’s hard to say best Indian in town since it’s not traditional Indian food.

  • dcdude

    My only gripe with the place is that it’s too loud.

  • Eric in Ledroit

    very good. however i will say fusion does a credible job replicating their food (albeit at almost the same prices). the best indian food in town is the bombay club by the white house – since it reopened it has been unbelievably delicious and consistent. they have a real wood-fired tandoori oven that turns out absurdly delicious tandoori salmon.

  • KB

    It’s not even fair to compare it to other Indian restaurants in the city. It’s just head and shoulders beyond.

    • Eric in Ledroit

      Go to Bombay Club. It is as good or better.

      • 54

        Let me respectfully disagree here. As someone who’s eaten at both the Bombay Club and Rasika at least a dozen times each (love me some Indian food), I wouldn’t put Bombay Club on nearly the same level as Rasika. Raskia is incredible Indian food, tremendous creativity (while not going overboard), and impeccably presented… Bombay Club has always delivered slightly above takeout level food with an upscale presentation and low inspiration. For my money if I had the option of going to either place there’s no question Rasika wins out.

        All of this said, neither is the best Indian in DC. Indique in Cleveland Park takes that crown with the most authentic south Indian food I’ve found this side of the Atlantic. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

        • Eric in Ledroit

          Have you been to Bombay Club since they reopened?


          I do like Indique as well. And Woodlands in Langley Park. And Nirvana. Even Mehak in Chinatown. I generally like Indian food, and DC is fortunate to have a very wide array of Indian places.

          • mmm

            If you’re making your way out to Langley Park, give Tiffin a try. It’s the best Indian food I’ve had in the area (though, i have not yet been to Rasika).

  • new hampy

    let’s be clear, rasika is amazing, but it’s not traditional indian food so it’s really not an apples to apples comparison with other indian food in the city. there really isn’t another place in town that comes to mind that executes modern indian food so well.

  • palak paneer

    i think “imitate” is a better verb than “replicate.” fusion is good, but the dishes are not as polished or refined as rasika’s. and trust me, i really wanted it to be…though fusion’s prices still make my wallet hurt.

    i think rasika is outstanding, but i don’t really think of it as “pure” indian – more like modern or fusion indian.

    my go-to spot now for great indian flavor AND a nice atmosphere without shelling out a ton of money is Himalayan Heritage in adams morgan. totally underrated/overlooked.

  • Anonymous

    It’s so loud, my throat was so raw trying to have a conversation there, that I and my two friends have never been back. Also, didn’t it have the second most health violations this year?

    That said, the food is excellent and the service is superb – the most knowledgeable waitstaff I’ve ever encountered.

  • I love Rasika. The first time I went there the waiter actually knew what I was going to order before I ordered it, no joke, he could tell by the questions I’d asked about the dishes which one I wanted. Impeccable service.

    Palak chaat deserves all of the praise it gets and more.

    Going in 2 weekends for the boyfriend’s birthday and I’m so excited!

  • Foodie

    Best Indian food in DC is what i cooke in my kitchen every other day in Mt. P


  • one of the best Indian restaurants I’ve ever been to, though being high end, its not your standard Indian fair.

  • Me

    its one of the best places to eat in the entire region, of any cuisine.

  • Krssy

    I love Rasika!! It’s delicious! Fusion up on Georgia Ave should learn to make Naan like these people.

  • it’s as good as London’s Indian restaurants, which is where we eat when we’re over there. in fact, i think the owner or the chef is from there.

  • grumpy

    I went once and got a sampler of their veggie dishes and was highly disappointed by how bland they were — can anyone give more specific dish recommendations? (don’t have to be veggie) I’d be willing to give it a second chance if I know what’s good to order, but it’s not cheap and it is, as others have said, uncomfortably loud.

  • Bloomingdale Resident

    This place is quite good, and the Palak Chaat gets the credit it deserves, however I prefer Capitol Hill Tandoor and Grill http://www.capitolhillgrill.com/

    It’s a bit less expensive, more traditional American-Indian cuisine but fantastic.

  • Danish

    If you want vegetarian than go to Nirvana. Their lunch buffets are wicked!! Each day of the week is a different region, I recommend Tuesday because it focuses on the Gujarat region of India. Im not a vegetarian but love the idea of exploring the different regions and appreciate the differences of each region.

  • ob

    This place is insanely good– palak chaat definitely, but also the black cod, and the lamb dish with the cashew sauce. oh my!


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