Good Deal or Not? Former Judging Homes Edition

by Prince Of Petworth April 8, 2010 at 1:00 pm 11 Comments


This home is located at 1250 KEARNEY St, NE:

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The flier says:

“Got modern?. move to Brookland, Washington DC Elegant modern house built in 2005 by architect-owner. Lots of natural light, loft-like open spaces, eco-friendly, solar heating, polished concrete floors and hardwoods. Best block in Brookland, close to Metro and stores, close to Capitol Hill and Logan Circle. Great privacy, front concrete patio and huge lawn backyard with treehouse and custom shed.”

You can find more info and a few photos here.

We judged this house here.

Lots of readers have been sending me this link. It is def. a cool looking house. Think they can get the asking price of $879,000?

  • ET

    For a place of that size the dearth of photos is odd. The price seems OK for the size but since it is not traditional D.C. architecture my guess is that it would have a harder time selling. Of course not all people who want to live in DC want traditional row houses and this would appeal I guess. Between these photos and those from an earlier PoP it seems a bit sterile or more correctly office-like. I don’t know if that location holds that price but someone else here might have thoughts on that.

    • La Niña

      I actually visited this house during the Brookland house and garden tour and if I had the money I would not blink in paying the price or something lower of course. The wife is an anrchitect and she designed the house and even if the kitchen may have IKEA cabinets there are other elements in the house (like the bathrooms) that have higher end furniture. The house is HUGE, the floors are polished concrete, the main entrance is so cool. all in all I loved it!!!!!

  • jamison

    this place is great! i was on the fence until i saw “backyard with treehouse”.

    if the current owner is reading this, please sell me all your great furniture.

  • Jacob and Bella Forever

    Do I think they can get the asking price of $879,000? Not in my lifetime!

  • I can’t get past the claim that it is close to Logan Circle.

    • I thought there might be another Logan Circle that I wasn’t aware of!

  • Matt

    Ikeahaus. I’m not into that style personally. Even with the cool design, it’s a high price for the neighborhood.

  • John

    This would be my dream house if I ever dreamed of living in a Scandinavian elementary school. Nice touch having your wife in a bathrobe in one of the pictures. Its as if she’s declaring, “I refuse to bath until we sell this metallic and wood monstrosity”.

  • AA

    We should start a list of Realtors who make outrageous claims on the PoP website. Close to logan circle? Yes, its only 24 blocks away. A stone’s throw, really. You have to wonder if this realtor either doesn’t know the actual location of the house, or the actual location of Logan circle. Why not add, “steps to Georgetown”…

  • AA

    After a little digging its obvious, you get what you pay for…
    Continental Real Estate Group, Inc. is a multi-state brokerage providing flat fee mls listings, short sale assistance and traditional brokerage services.

    So, it seems Realtor Derek just looked up DC buzz words and plugged them in at will. Again, you get what you pay for…

  • RGG

    more info on this house at


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